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Degree certificate – how and where to apply

When you have completed your studies at KTH, you need to apply for a degree certificate in Ladok. Here you can read about the whole process.

Apply for a degree certificate

You apply for a degree via Ladok, where you can apply for all types of degrees, at all levels. The processing time for a degree certificate is usually around 8–10 weeks.

Apply via Ladok

Do you no longer have a KTH account?

If you no longer have a KTH account but want to apply for a degree certificate,, you can do so in Ladok for Alumni .

Prepare your degree application

To ensure that your application will be approved, you need to check that:

  • No result is missing or incorrectly recorded.
  • All courses included in the degree according to the syllabus have been finalised in Ladok.
  • The spelling of the title of your degree project is correct.
    • If the title is wrong, attach the first page of your degree project and upload it together with your application and write in the application that the title is wrong.
  • Your name is correct in your personal menu, as that name is transferred to Ladok and will appear on your degree certificate.
  • You have attached a certified photocopy of your previous Bachelor's degree or equivalent. This is not applicable if you already have presented a complete Bachelor's degree certificate when applying for admission or after you are admitted.

Which courses can I include in my degree?

You can only include the courses that are part of the degree according to the programme syllabus. You must have completed the courses. Individual sections from an uncompleted course cannot be included in the degree. Contact your study counsellor if you are unsure what can be included in your degree.

Contact your study counsellor

You can include courses from other universities when you apply for your degree, provided that they are credited, that the relevant major is available and that you have taken courses at KTH.

Degree certificate rules

Can I credit transfer courses and include them in my degree?

If you have completed courses or a programme from another Swedish or foreign higher education institution, you can have these credited to your degree. When you apply, you must attach a Swedish and English study certificate from the relevant higher education institution, as the degree certificate is bilingual. Apply for credit transfer well in advance of applying for your degree.

Credit transfer

Your degree certificate

On the first page of your degree certificate you will find your name, the title of your degree and the issue date. It is followed by a course appendix containing your name, personal identity number, the programme of study, degree title and all the courses completed for the degree. All KTH degree certificates are bilingual, in Swedish and English, and are issued as electronic documents.

As of 1 May 2024, the degree certificates are e-stamped. Information on verification of the e-stamping can be found on the last page of the degree certificate. When the degree certificate has been issued, a notice will be sent by e-mail. The degree certificate is downloaded from Ladok for students or Ladok for alums.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Do you have any questions about degree certificates?

If you have questions regarding degree certificates, contact KTH's Degree Office.


Phone number: 08-790 70 09

Phone hours: Monday 13.00–14.00, Tuesday–Thursday 10.00–11.00