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Verification of degree certificate

Here you will find information about verifying your degree, or studies at KTH, both for students who need to share a degree certificate and employers who need to check a certificate.

How to verify a degree

Verify other types of certificates

Do you need other types of certificates? You will find aggregated information about certificates at Certificates via Ladok.

For students

Have you been asked to share your degree certificate with a control code?

Share degree certificate

  1. Go to "Degrees and certificates"
  2. Select "Share certificate"
  3. Share the retrieved control code

Legalise your degree certificate

If you need to legalise Swedish documents requested by or to be presented to a foreign authority, you can contact the notary public.

Notary Public/Notarius publicus (

Legalization of documents (

For employers or recuritment company

Do you need to check a degree certificate?

Verify degree information

  • Enter the control code and personal identity number, which you will receive from the person whose degree certificate you want to check

For alumni

In Ladok for Alumni, former students who no longer have a KTH account can log in to a limited version of Ladok and, for example, apply for degree certificates and share degrees.

Ladok for Alumni

Do you have any questions about degree certificates?

If you have questions regarding degree certificates, contact KTH's Degree Office.


Phone number: 08-790 70 09

Phone hours: Monday 13.00–14.00, Tuesday–Thursday 10.00–11.00