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Credit transfer

If you believe that you have already acquired skills through your previous studies (at a Swedish higher education institution or a similar institution overseas) that correspond to the content of your current programme, you can apply for a credit transfer. Work experience can also be taken into consideration for credit transfer.

You must be admitted to a programme and actively studying at KTH before a decision can be taken on credit transfer. If you apply for credit transfer, KTH will examine whether your earlier education or work experience can be taken into consideration. The Director of First and Second Cycle Education (grundutbildningsansvarig) will decide on your credit transfer at both first and second cycle. Decisions on credit transfer of completed courses can be delegated to the Programme Director (programansvarig), and decisions on credit transfer of parts of courses can be delegated to an examiner.

Application form and appendix for credit transfer (KTH Intranet)

Don't forget to attach the official course syllabus

Please note that you must attach the official course syllabus when applying for credit transfer.

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If credit transfer is granted, there may be a period during which you do not meet the requirements for the full study allowance. If credit transfer is refused, you can appeal to The Higher Education Appeals Board (Överklagandenämnden för högskolan, ÖNH).

For more information on how to apply for credit transfer and how it might affect your studies, please contact your study counsellor or international coordinator (if you have been an exchange student) or the equivalent person for your study programme.

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