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Approved leave and non-completion of studies

Approved leave from studies means taking a temporary break from your studies. Non-completion of studies means that you want to terminate your studies for good.

Approved leave from studies

This information regards students enrolled in a programme at KTH and those who are taking a freestanding course at KTH. Approved leave from studies means a temporary break from studying during a definite period as decided by KTH. Once an application is approved and a specific timeframe is agreed upon, you can resume your studies.

Decisions concerning approved leave from studies are made by the Director of First and Second Cycle Education (grundutbildningsansvarig) or the Programme Director (programansvarig). Acceptable causes include illness, pregnancy/care of children and military service.

Approved leave from studies always requires a defined period of time. If approved leave from studies has been approved, you are entitled to resume your studies at the time stated in the decision.

During your approved leave from studies you can sit examinations for courses you are admitted to but have not yet completed.

You don't have an automatic right to resume your studies without an approved leave from your studies. You will then resume your studies subject to availability.

If you intend to apply for approved leave from studies and want to know how this may affect your future studies, contact your student counsellor/master coordinator. If you are admitted to a freestanding course, contact .

Student financial aid

If you have received student financial aid and during ongoing studies take an approved leave from studies, make sure to contact CSN to get information on what applies. For contact details, visit .

Student housing

If you live in student housing and apply for an approved leave from studies during the current academic year, remember to contact your housing company and inform yourself about what effects this may have.

Application for approved leave from studies

Application for approved leave from studies

Important information for students holding a residence permit in Sweden based on studies

Before you apply for approved leave from studies, check with the Swedish Migration Agency how this will affect your residence permit in Sweden.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Non-completion of studies

If you are a student enrolled in a programme at KTH and intend to terminate your studies, you must notify the School's Office of Student Affairs. This also applies if you do not intend to resume your studies after an approved leave from studies. A notification of non-completion of studies is a permanent break. This means that you will not complete your studies on the programme and you will resign from your education.

If you are registered on a freestanding course and do not intend to complete it, you drop the course in Ladok.

Course discontinuation

Notification of non-completion of studies for programme students

Do you have any questions?

Contact your study counsellor or master coordinator if you have any questions regarding approved leave or non-completion of studies. If you are admitted to a freestanding course, contact .

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