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Exchange studies for doctoral students

Spend part of your doctoral studies abroad. The exchange can be anything from a one-week course to a more extended stay over months. You can read about how you can do it step by step on this page.

1. Find out when an exchange is suitable

Start by reviewing when an exchange fits best in your education. Talk to your supervisor and make sure you know what it takes to complete the exchange. For administrative support, contact your school’s office of student affairs in the first instance.

2. Select an exchange university

Find out more about the exchange university you want to study at and that is has an exchange agreement with KTH before your exchange takes place. Before you apply for exchange studies, you need to check that the university offers courses relevant to you in your education at KTH. You must also check that the teaching is provided in a language you can speak.

List of exchange universities with which KTH has an agreement

3. Look over your economy

You may be able to apply for a scholarship for your stay abroad, for example, through Erasmus + if you are going on an exchange within Europe. Learn how you can finance your exchange and what expenses the exchange will entail for you.

4. Complete an application

Applications for exchange studies should be made in consultation with the receiving university and their possible deadlines, prior knowledge and requirements.


Do you want to know more about how an exchange for doctoral studies can take place? Contact Anna Hellberg Gustafsson at the unit for international relations at KTH.