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Selection during studies

During your studies you will make different selections, such as courses and tracks.

Plan your studies based on the programme syllabus

Always use the programme syllabus as a basis for planning your studies. When you enter your study plan, you should always choose the year you started your studies in the current programme at KTH. You can go into Ladok and see which year applies to your studies. If you are still unsure, contact your study advisor.

Do you need guidance?

When making your choice during your studies, think about your areas of interest, what you want to do after your studies and whether you want to continue your studies in the form of research. You can contact your study advisor if you need guidance.

Contact study advisor at your programme

How it works

Course application

As a programme student at KTH, you must register for the courses within your programme that you will follow during the next semester. Registration for courses within the programme (AKP) takes place via before each new semester. During certain parts of the programme, you may have the opportunity to select between different courses. You will find information on what applies to you in your programme plan.

Course application

Find programme syllabus (Course and programme directory)

Selection of track

In some programmes, you will select a track. You will receive information from your study advisor on how to select and register for your programme. 

Contact study advisor at your programme

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Last changed: Dec 19, 2022