Appendix 2: Specialisations

Degree Programme in Mechanical Engineering (CMAST), Programme syllabus for studies starting in autumn 2019

Master, Aerospece Engineering (AEE)

Master, Vehicle Engineering (FOR)

Master, Industrial Management (INE)

International Profile, french (INTF)

International Profile, spanish (INTS)

International Profile, german (INTT)

Track, Innovation Management and Product Development (IPDE)

Track, Machine Design (IPUB)

Track, Mechatronics (IPUC)

Industrial Technology and Sustainability (ITSY)

Industrial technology and sustainability is run in a unique and close collaboration with modern industry. The education focuses on the manufacturing phase. You will learn how to analyze systems and processes in order to coordinate, integrate and optimizing flows in production. Operations management, logistics and maintenance are central for the system whole. After completed education, you may work in system development, developing and designing sustainable systems for manufacturing of any type of products i.e. vehicles, pharmaceuticals, food, clothes or green technology.

Master, Naval Architecture (MRS)

Master, Mathematics (MTH)

Master, Nuclear Energy Engineering (NEE)

Master, Production Engineering and Management (PRM)

Master, Sustainable Energy Engineering (SUE)

Master, Sustainable Technology (SUT)

Track, Fluid Mechanics (TEMA)

Track, Solid Mechanics (TEMB)

Track, Sound and Vibrations (TEMC)