Track, Microwave Engineering (MIC)

As a student in this track, you will acquire knowledge about microwave technology and its application for the design of microwave circuits and components, and antennas. The track is composed of both theoretical and practical courses, and you will learn how to model and design electromagnetic devices.

Track, Photonics (PHS)

The track contains both theoretical and experimental treatment of electromagnetic fields at optical frequencies. There is a wide spectrum of applications including communication, measurements, imaging, energy, and lighting.

Track, Plasma (PLA)

This track is focused on plasma theory and applications, ranging from new industrial plasma processing technologies to research on future fusion energy power plants. Topics included in the track are energy and fusion research, plasma processing, as well as fundamental plasma theory.

Track, Space (SPA)

Space track offers specialisation in space research and applications, ranging from space plasma physics and astrophysics to satellite technology. You will develop an understanding of processes that shape space environment both in the vicinity of the Earth and far away from it, and get an insight into satellite and space system engineering.