General courses

Year 1

Mandatory courses (53.0 hp)

Code Name Credits Edu. level
DM2556 Intercultural communication 7.5 hp Second cycle
DM2558 Media Management 15.0 hp Second cycle
DM2559 Media Production 11.0 hp Second cycle
DM2578 Social Media Technologies 7.5 hp Second cycle
ME1000 Industrial Management 6.0 hp First cycle
ME2043 Leadership in Cross-Cultural Context 6.0 hp Second cycle

Recommended courses

Code Name Credits Edu. level
DM2905 Individual Course in Media Technology 7.5 hp Second cycle
ME2809 Trendspotting & Future Thinking 7.5 hp Second cycle

Supplementary information

Year 1 consists of 53 higher education credits mandatory courses and 7.5 higher education credits recommended, or elective, courses.

Year 2

Supplementary information

The second year consists of 17.5 higher education credits mandatory courses (including AK2038 or MJ2673), 12 higher education credits recommended, or elective, courses, and 30 higher education credits degree project.