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Energy crucial to the future

One of the most pivotal issues right now – in homes, in business and in industry, in Sweden, in Europe and globally – is energy. How can we ensure there’s enough? What should it cost? Where should we get it from? There are many questions, and KTH has a whole lot of answers to offer.

Just two days into my first whole week as president, I have already built up a good idea of the sheer scope of KTH’s research in this field. This is thanks partly to a day of networking and dialogue organised by the Energy Platform on the theme of future competence for a sustainable energy system. And also to the launch of a new collaboration between KTH, Novatron och EIT InnoEnergy and a joining of forces to try to make fusion a large-scale energy source for the future. Fusion technology could revolutionise energy supply.

One of our six strategic research platforms focuses specifically on Energy, the aim being to bring together knowledge and multidisciplinary collaborations under one roof. The others are Digitalisation, Industrial Transformation, Life Science, Materials and Transport.

Energy research at KTH encompasses all stages, in production and distribution, and also user behaviour. In other words, it spans the development of everything from the heavy-duty technology to digitalised solutions for energy consumers. Each of these stages involves a great many players, and the need for the latest knowledge in the field is yet another area where KTH can help out, with education in the form of lifelong learning as new energy solutions also impose demands on further education.

In the transition to a more sustainable society, the development of new, safe energy sources is of critical importance.