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My trip to the cemetery for Alla Helgons Dag

Over the weekend, I decided to venture out for a Swedish holiday that I missed last year. “Alla helgons dag” or “All Saints’ Day” is a national holiday that falls on the first Sunday in November. Although it stems from the Christian tradition of honouring those saints without their own day, it has evolved to … Continue reading “My trip to the cemetery for Alla Helgons Dag”

Study Season

Happy autumnal equinox! If you weren’t counting down the days in anticipation, no worries. It’s not a day I necessarily bookmark from year to year, but my internal clock evidently felt it approaching — Over the weekend, I packed away my summer clothes and swapped in my cold-weather wardrobe to better suit Stockholm’s 11 C … Continue reading “Study Season”

November vibes

Time is flying! It’s already mid-November! Often, I realize what time of the year it is, when it starts getting darker and colder outside. Especially in Sweden and Stockholm, you can clearly notice when the days get shorter and shorter. November can be a quite frustrating or even depressing time … less light outside, more … Continue reading “November vibes”