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Celebrating this year’s student ambassadors — and how you can apply to be one

This week marks the end of the 2021-2022 academic year! The exam period and master thesis presentation weeks are wrapping up. For the international student ambassadors, it has also marked the end of their duties for KTH. To celebrate, our supervisors treated the student ambassadors to a farewell dinner evening and a boules tournament.  Did … Continue reading “Celebrating this year’s student ambassadors — and how you can apply to be one”

Preparing for your career after KTH

Whether you’re graduating in June or beginning your studies this August, it’s never too soon to prepare for your career. Although 40% of KTH students have a job before graduation, many students use the months after graduating to apply for jobs. As a KTH student, there are many resources to use and actions you can … Continue reading “Preparing for your career after KTH”

Final words….Tack Så Mycket & Hej Då

As I near the end of my journey as a student at KTH and transform into a proud KTH alumni, I look back at the last two years with gratitude and gratefulness. Everything that happened to me with regard to academics, personal and professional aspects has helped me accelerate my growth as an individual. It … Continue reading “Final words….Tack Så Mycket & Hej Då”

3 Tips for your Job Search

For me, the past two months have been all about searching for a job 💻 And even though I have been searching in Germany, I thought I could share some general tips with you today, based on my experiences. 1. It’s all about networking! When I came to KTH (and before Covid-19 started), there were … Continue reading “3 Tips for your Job Search”

3 things I love about Sweden

Following two years of study in Sweden, I have come to see Sweden as my second home where tons of dreams and memories reside. My time in Sweden has been filled with exploring the country, utilising opportunities at KTH, and academic pursuits. In this blog post, I talk about 5 things I love about my … Continue reading “3 things I love about Sweden”

KTH Innovation Award 2021

It’s finally here! With 200 nominations for 138 amazing individuals, only one person will be granted the KTH Innovation award on 01 July 2021. The curiosity is building up as we head closer. The KTH Innovation award was started in 2020 to celebrate individuals from KTH who have contributed to solving societal problems through innovation. … Continue reading “KTH Innovation Award 2021”