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My study life at KTH 

I often tell you about leisure activities and fun things to do in Stockholm in my blog, but I haven’t shared much about my studies yet. Time to fix that and tell you more about my study experience at KTH.  My programme is called Media Management. It focuses on developing and marketing media products and … Continue reading “My study life at KTH “

Saving Money in Stockholm: Five Tips for Students

Ah, the lifestyle of a student… Our schedule is grounded in our studies, but we also have a high degree of flexibility compared to working professionals. We get to be part of a concentrated community of young people while also living on our own as young adults. We work hard, but we get to have … Continue reading “Saving Money in Stockholm: Five Tips for Students”

Second-hand furniture hunting

Sweden is all about second-hand shopping. There’s a whole philosophy called 3Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and it aims at cutting down on the amount of waste we throw away. Reusing things multiple times and selling them when you don’t need them anymore makes much economic and environmental sense. And you can also appreciate it while … Continue reading “Second-hand furniture hunting”

Meet KTH Students for Sustainability

Did you know that an important pillar at KTH is Sustainability? 🌱 KTH is contributing to sustainable development by providing educational programmes, conducting research and much more. We also have a student organisation called “KTH Students for Sustainability” and I have talked to Vartan, who is currently the president of the organisation about their mission … Continue reading “Meet KTH Students for Sustainability”

Master’s Programmes and Sustainability

If you ever want to witness true, undeterred commitment towards sustainability and the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs), Sweden offers you the sweet front row seats to observe the hustle. I have seen it engrained in everyone’s mind and actions. It’s common to see second-hand market stores where electrical products, clothes, furniture are recycled and … Continue reading “Master’s Programmes and Sustainability”

Reasons why you should apply to KTH

Christmas is over and you wonder what to do during the last remaining days of the year? How about finishing your application to KTH? In less than a month the application periods for the programmes starting in August 2021 as well as the KTH scholarship and the KTH India scholarship are closing. However, that’s still … Continue reading “Reasons why you should apply to KTH”