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THS Armada is here!

Hej everyone! Welcome to this post. In the bustling academic landscape of KTH Royal Institute of Technology, a pivotal event has been shaping the destinies of students and employers for quite some time—the THS Armada. What started as a humble gathering in 1981 has blossomed into the largest student-driven project at KTH, culminating in the … Continue reading “THS Armada is here!”

Dive into Innovation: Exploring the Research Labs at KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Hey everyone! I hope you’re in the mood for some research today! KTH’s diverse research labs consistently push the boundaries of knowledge. One of the highlights of Nobel Week each year is when KTH opens the doors for tours of its laboratories. Let’s look into some of these ground-breaking facilities in this blog post. 1. … Continue reading “Dive into Innovation: Exploring the Research Labs at KTH Royal Institute of Technology”

Studio Visit to Uppsala

Hi there, it is Raygo here today! Today I would like to share with you my recent studio visit to Uppsala, a city close to Stockholm in the north. This semester, I have been enrolled in a studio called “Housing Studio”, as the name suggested; we study different housing typologies in Sweden and try to … Continue reading “Studio Visit to Uppsala”

Highlights of my day – Raygo

Hi guys, it is Raygo with you again today! After Lorenzo and Martyna shared their highlights of the day and the week in their previous posts, now it is my turn to talk about mine! I started the day with an ice-skating session with my friends in the morning. After breakfast at my accommodation, I … Continue reading “Highlights of my day – Raygo”

KTH Innovation and Innovation Collide

Hej allihopa, it is Raygo here again! Have you ever thought of new ideas or plans you wanted to realize? As a curious person, I am always motivated to try new things and embrace new knowledge. Today, I want to show you around an event I recently attended: Innovation Collide, organized by KTH Innovation. Keep … Continue reading “KTH Innovation and Innovation Collide”

TEDxKTH Salon: Why aren’t politicians listening to scientists?

A few days ago, I attended the TEDxKTH Salon event “Why aren’t politicians listening to scientists?” with Rafael from KTH Instagram. The conference featured a diverse group of speakers, including researchers and KTH professors, addressing the pressing issue of climate change from different points of view. This is a perfect example of the many events … Continue reading “TEDxKTH Salon: Why aren’t politicians listening to scientists?”