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Erasmus and exchange opportunities at KTH

Hi there, it is Raygo here with you all again today! In this post, I am sharing a question I have frequently received: Can we do an exchange programme here at KTH, even if I am an international student? And the answer is a yes! Erasmus and Erasmus+ Programmes The Erasmus Programme (EuRopean Community Action … Continue reading “Erasmus and exchange opportunities at KTH”

Congratulations on your admission! (Guide to KTH for international-admitted students)

Hej! On behalf of the KTH bloggers team, I congratulate you again on your admission! After Martyna wrote about the guide to EU-admitted students in her previous blog post, It’s my turn to share another one for international-admitted students! Residence permitIn contrast to EU citizens, we must get a student residence permit during our study … Continue reading “Congratulations on your admission! (Guide to KTH for international-admitted students)”

Welcome to KTH!

Hello everybody, and welcome to this new blog post! Let me congratulate to all of you who have been admitted to KTH, you made it! Enjoy this moment as much as you can. At least for a couple of days, don’t think about anything: just enjoy the fact that you’ve been admitted. And after that… … Continue reading “Welcome to KTH!”

Application documents: do you have everything you need?

Hey there! I would like to start this post by congratulating with you. If you’re reading this, chances are you have taken the leap and submitted your application to KTH – this is already a great achievement, so congrats! The next important step is to upload all the documentation supporting your application before February 1, … Continue reading “Application documents: do you have everything you need?”

Why apply to KTH: our two cents

Hello everybody! The application deadline is almost here: only one week before January 16. But the aim of this blog post is not to scare you: instead, Martyna, Raygo and I would like to tell you why each one of us chose KTH – and why we think you should, too! Martyna Martyna chose KTH … Continue reading “Why apply to KTH: our two cents”

Application checklist and considerations

Hi everyone! With less than two weeks until this year’s application deadline, I would like to share with you the checklist I had from last year’s experience and some considerations to make before clicking the “apply now” button. Final checking of all necessary documents on both KTH and You must check if you have … Continue reading “Application checklist and considerations”