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One Week Until Admissions Results: Here’s What You Need to Know

Hej everyone! Welcome to this week’s post. Just like you, I was eagerly anticipating my admissions results. Therefore, in this post I thought I would help prep you for receiving your admissions results and to understand how to make sense of them.

As the clock ticks down to the much-anticipated admissions results announcement, a blend of excitement and anxiety is inevitable. With just one week to go, you’re on the brink of discovering what could be the next chapter of your academic journey and life. Reflecting on a personal anecdote from March 2022, amidst the chaos of the pandemic and personal struggles, receiving admission results was a pivotal moment that transformed uncertainty into a thrilling promise of new beginnings. This story, centred on the joy of being accepted to KTH and the anticipation of studying in Sweden, really captures the profound impact of this period.

Embracing the Wait

The final week before the announcement is a great time to reflect on your journey and prepare emotionally for the various outcomes. Here are some ways to navigate this period:

  • Stay Positive, Yet Realistic: It’s important to hope for the best while preparing for any outcome. This mindset will help you remain calm and collected, regardless of the results.
  • Plan Your Reaction: Think about how you will celebrate your success or cope with disappointment. Having a plan can provide comfort and prevent overwhelming emotions.
  • Connect with Others: Engaging in conversations with peers who are also awaiting results can be reassuring. Share your hopes and anxieties, and support each other through this time. Perhaps you have friends who are also awaiting results whether it be from KTH or other universities, use your close circles to talk it out with each other. More than often you will find that you are not alone in these emotions, and having peers experiencing the same thing can really help you cope.

Making Sense of Your Admissions Results

Once you receive your admissions results, the University Admissions website, will be your primary resource for understanding the details of your acceptance and next steps. Here’s how to interpret your results:

Admitted: This means you’ve been offered a place in the course or programme. 

Deleted: There are two reasons a course/programme is deleted:

  • you didn’t meet the entry requirements, for example due to missing documents, verification difficulties or insufficient knowledge of English
  • you’ve been offered a place in another course or study programme you ranked higher in your application

Reserve or Res: This means you’ve been placed on a waiting list.

Not Processed: Late applications will be marked ‘Not processed’. Late applications are processed after selection at the discretion of the university, if places become available.

Conditionally Admitted:

There are two main reasons why an applicant is admitted on condition:

  • they’re required to pay tuition fees
  • they have documentation they still have to submit in support of their application

In my case, though I received the KTH Scholarship, my results said that I was conditionally admitted to my programme. This is because I as a student from outside of the EU/EEA would have to pay tuition fees. If you receive the KTH Scholarship, this is not noted on University Admissions, it is rather dealt with internally at KTH, so do not panic if you have the scholarship and it says you need to pay tuition.

It is also important to note:

  1. You will only be admitted to one programme even if you have applied to more than one.
  2. If you are admitted in the first round, you will not have to reply to your offer.

For more information regarding admissions results, visit the University Admissions page here.

Next Steps and Resources

Whether celebrating your acceptance or considering your next move, there are several resources to explore:

  • University Websites: Look for sections like “New at KTH” for crucial information about starting your studies, including orientation, registration, and accommodation.
  • Upcoming Events: KTH will host webinars for new students. These events are golden opportunities to connect with future classmates and faculty.
  • Social Media and Blogs: Following the university’s social media accounts such as our Instagram (@kthuniversity) and reading our blog posts can provide insights into campus life and what to expect.
  • Goin: Join the Goin app to connect with people in your programme and navigate your journey to KTH together.

Exploring More about Studying in Sweden

For those heading to Sweden, like the anecdote shared, delving into the local culture, education system, and student life beforehand can enrich your experience:

  • Study in Sweden Blog: Offers insights into the Swedish educational system, lifestyle, and tips for international students. You can read it here.

Receiving an undesired result

Rejection can be a difficult pill to swallow, especially when it comes to university admissions. It’s natural to feel disappointed, disheartened, or even question your abilities. However, it’s important to remember that rejection is not a reflection of your worth or potential. Instead, it’s an opportunity for growth, self-discovery, and exploring new pathways. Here’s how to turn a rejection into a stepping stone towards future success:

  • Reflect and Reassess: Take some time to process your emotions and then look at your application objectively. Seek feedback if possible and identify areas for improvement, such as strengthening your academic profile, gaining more relevant experience, or refining your personal statement.
  • Explore Alternative Paths: The traditional route to your dream career isn’t the only way to achieve your goals. Consider alternative options like re-applying the following year or taking gap year programs. Each path offers unique opportunities for growth and learning.
  • Build Resilience: Facing rejection head-on builds resilience and teaches you to bounce back from setbacks. Embrace this resilience as a strength that will serve you well throughout your life, both personally and professionally.
  • Stay Positive: Surround yourself with supportive friends and family. Keep a positive mindset and remember that many successful people have faced rejection at some point in their lives. What matters most is your response and your willingness to keep moving forward.
  • Plan Your Next Steps: Once you’ve taken the time to reassess, start planning your next steps. Whether you decide to reapply in the future or explore alternative options, having a plan will give you a sense of purpose and direction.

Remember, You Are Not Alone

Many have walked this path before you and turned their initial disappointments into stories of success and fulfillment. Every rejection is a nudge towards finding the right opportunity that aligns with your strengths and aspirations. Keep learning, stay curious, and be open to the multitude of possibilities the world has to offer. Your journey is far from over; it might just be taking a different route than you initially planned.

Final Thoughts

As you stand on the threshold of a potentially life-changing experience, remember that every outcome is a step forward in your journey. Whether you’re celebrating an acceptance or contemplating your next steps, this is a moment of growth. Embrace it with an open heart and a curious mind.

An early congratulations to all students stepping into this new phase. As they say in Sweden, “Grattis!” May the path ahead be filled with learning, discovery, and success.

// Sam

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  1. Hey Samantha, I’m reading this 2 days before the admission results are published and I gotta say I’m just more excited right now than ever before even with all the anxiety. This is a wonderful blogpost and I will revisit this after the results are published!

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