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Summer in Stockholm

During the past weeks it has been summer in Stockholm! Nearly all of June was a lot of sun, warm temperatures and only a few rain showers. Well, to be honest, while I’m writing this, we just had a lot of rain 😄 BUT this also means a much appreciated cool down 🌧️ And the … Continue reading “Summer in Stockholm”

Happy Valborg!

Today, on the 30th April, Valborg is celebrated in Sweden. Valborg, in English it’s called Walpurgis Night, is an old festival in Sweden coming from Germany in the Middle Ages. From a German perspective, I have to say that I was quite surprised about this history, as the celebrations we have in the night to … Continue reading “Happy Valborg!”

Cherry blossoms in Stockholm

Do you know what being in Stockholm during April means? It is the time where you’ll be able to experience a wonderful flower spectacle when walking around the city. Usually, during the end of April and the beginning of May, the cherry blossoms start to flower! 🌸 Did you know that the tradition of celebrating … Continue reading “Cherry blossoms in Stockholm”

How to find a place to live in Stockholm – outside a student housing

If you’ll start as a new student this autumn at KTH, you’re probably already super excited about your new adventure! But maybe, you’re also wondering, where you should live? How should you find a new place to stay? This blog post will solve your questions regarding living outside a student housing. In the next days, … Continue reading “How to find a place to live in Stockholm – outside a student housing”

Why you should accept your study offer for KTH

One week ago, the admission results for the autumn semester were released. Maybe, you’re one of the lucky people, that have received an offer? Congratulations for being accepted! 🤩 I’m sure many of you have waited for a long time to finally get their results, and probably some of you are already super excited and … Continue reading “Why you should accept your study offer for KTH”