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Embracing Winter in Stockholm: The Love-Hate Relationship

Hej everyone, welcome to this week’s post! Winter in Stockholm is a season that evokes a mix of feelings for me. It’s a time when the city transforms into a picturesque postcard scene, but also a period that brings its own set of challenges. Here’s a deeper look into my love-hate relationship with winter in … Continue reading “Embracing Winter in Stockholm: The Love-Hate Relationship”

The Nobel Week!

Today marks the prestigious Nobel Prize Day, and the ceremony was truly spectacular! If you missed the live event, don’t worry – you can watch the entire ceremony at your leisure. Just follow this link: Nobel: Prisutdelningen The week leading up to Nobel Prize Day was equally thrilling! From December 2nd to 10th, Stockholm was … Continue reading “The Nobel Week!”

An Indian Student’s Perspective of the Swedish Winter

As a student hailing from the vibrant warmth of India, my first encounter with the Swedish winter was like stepping into a mesmerizing, yet challenging, wonderland. The Swedish winter is a tale of two worlds: the beauty that lies in its ethereal landscapes and the adjustments one needs to make to thrive in its chilly … Continue reading “An Indian Student’s Perspective of the Swedish Winter”

Sweden: when magic is just around the corner

During Winter, the Swedish nature completely turns into a Winter Wonderland. We have already talked about the Swedish Winter in this previous post, and today I thought I’d give you a demonstration of how beautiful things can turn out to be during these months. So, let’s head to Tranholmen! Tranholmen is a small island North … Continue reading “Sweden: when magic is just around the corner”

Getting to know – and love – the Swedish Winter

“Winter in Sweden is dark and cold”. How many times did you hear this sentence when talking to someone about your desire to study in Sweden? In my case, a lot of times. But is it really true? Well, yes. HOWEVER, it’s not as bad as you may think!In this blog post, we’ll try to … Continue reading “Getting to know – and love – the Swedish Winter”

The first snow is here!

As you may have noticed if you follow the KTH Instagram page, it has been snowing a lot in the last few days in Stockholm! A couple of hours of intense snowing covered the city with over ten centimetres of snow, turning the scenery into a true winter wonderland. This was the “street” (can we … Continue reading “The first snow is here!”