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Sweden: when magic is just around the corner

During Winter, the Swedish nature completely turns into a Winter Wonderland. We have already talked about the Swedish Winter in this previous post, and today I thought I’d give you a demonstration of how beautiful things can turn out to be during these months. So, let’s head to Tranholmen!

Sunrise over a dock in Tranholmen.
Sunrise in Tranholmen – can you feel the Winter vibes?

Tranholmen is a small island North of Stockholm, close to where I live. The peculiarity of this island is that you can only reach it by boat during the Summer, but during Winter a bridge is built and it is therefore reachable by foot. Also… there are no cars on the island! You either walk or ride your bike. This makes it easy to see children playing around everywhere and to enjoy the calmness of the Swedish nature – especially during Winter.

Boats in Tranholmen
Boats are by far the most popular transportation method in Tranholmen – wish I had one too!

One thing that I really enjoy about Sweden is how close nature is to your door – this was also one the things that pushed me towards studying here. It is always like this, no matter where you live. Tranholmen is the perfect example: it is not some “well-known attraction” that you can find when googling “things to do in Stockholm”, but at the same time this is what makes it unique. Here, it is very easy to find your own place, where you can just enjoy the nature either in company or alone. For instance, Tranholmen is great if you want to canoe your way to the island to then explore it (not perfect in the Winter months but hey, that depends on how brave you feel on the kayak!), or take a photo walk.

If you go there during mornings, the light is awesome and you can see the fog all over the lake, with the sun filtering through the tree branches and reflecting on the snow. It’s a simple place, but that’s what makes it special to my eyes.

House in Tranholmen, looking over the Swedish archipelago
Fishermen house over the Swedish archipelago – imagine waking up to this scenery!

They say that it is difficult to find beauty in everyday things – but to be honest, I really think Sweden makes this much easier: not only thanks to its natural beauty, but also because of the excellent work-life balance that you can enjoy while studying at KTH. I’m sure that you’ll also find your place – and that’s going to be magical!

Sunrise over Tranholmen from the archipelago
The water is going to freeze soon – can’t wait to go for a photo walk then!

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See you at the next post!
// Lorenzo

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  1. Wow Lorenzo, so interesting and looking forward to visiting Sweden!

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