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Final presentations at the Architecture school

Architecture students had a presentation week at the end of the semester. The ground floor of the architecture school is filled with models, guests and thrilling drawings! The doors were open for everyone to have a glimpse of exciting projects around Stockholm and beyond!

architecture school presentations
My studio colleague, Sara, presenting her cabin in the woods!

Studio Architecture & daylight had worked on small houses in the woods. We produced models of the opening and drawings of how it could become real built structures. Guests were able to listen to students presenting their ideas, walk around physical models and ask questions!

architecture school big hall
A moment of a stressed student before the presentation

Other studios had presentations in some of the biggest halls of the architecture building. They have presented big scale projects in Stockholm. External guests such as interior designers, architects or artists are invited to question and help students to look at their projects from a different perspective.

interior window peek of the presentations architecture school
A glimpse to studio “Out of practice” having discussions

It was so exciting to peek to other studios presentations through interior windows! In the photo above you could see studio “Out of practice” having discussions after the presentations! Usually a student presents one’s project and then “the floor” is opened for discussions, questions and feedback!

models architecture students gathering
Our models are up on the ground floor for everyone to have a look!

We ended the presentations by rearranging the space, having snacks, socialising and having lots of laugh together.

You are more than welcome to stop by our presentations next year!