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International student accommodation: Lappis!

Would you like to live in the most international accommodation in Stockholm and have dinner each week of different cuisine? Lappkärrsberget (or Lappis, locally) is one of the most diverse places to live. Are you intrigued? Let me continue…

lappis street
Streets in Lappis full of sunshine!


This international student accommodation is located 20min by metro (overall commute) and 12min by bike from the KTH campus! There is even a bus that stops right by your doorstep. But what a location that is! The area is surrounded by water and beautiful forests! Norra Djugarden (direct translation-the north animal garden) is on the right side that connects Lappis to the KTH. On the other side of the highway, you can find botanical gardens and walk around Brunnsviken lake!

map lappis to kth
Commuting from Lappis to KTH

My way to KTH

During the spring and autumn, I take out my bike and ride through the Norra Djugardens. I bike through the little farm on my way to KTH, and I say hello to horses who enjoy the morning sun too! The beauty of the forest never fails to surprise and hypnotize me!

sunshine road my way to kth forest trees
My way to KTH by bike through the mesmerizing Norra Djugarden


Students of all kinds of nationalities live on campus, which is why this place is so unique! People living in a “corridor room” share the kitchen- a place to socialize, have international dinners, and throw some parties! One week you will have a fiesta of Spanish cuisine, the other-who knows, Indian? I have learned so many new recipes and cultural traditions!


The accommodation has so much to offer in your free time! There is an outdoor and indoor gym, a paddle court, a basketball court, a football pitch, and so much more! Lappis accommodation offers bike storage and several laundry places on the spot. There is a sauna you can rent with your friends and have a real Swedish experience! Also, if you need any help, the caretaker’s office is right at the main entrance.

nature walk rock lappis area
My walk around Lappis

Surrounded by nature

The accommodation is surrounded by splendid nature. Fresh air and the sounds of crashing waves re-energize your mind and set you up for a great day. The area is very well-protected in terms of building and keeping nature untouched. Don’t be surprised if some mornings you wake up to a view of deer and rabbits walking around!

There is a Lappis beach (3min walk), where we have barbeques, throw parties and enjoy a refreshing swim in the sea. You would be surprised how clean and clear the water is! Doesn’t that sound like a dream place to live?

I hope you have a better picture of Lappis’ accommodation now. The submission of the application documents is coming to an end soon, so I hope you have gathered everything you need! If you are the last-minute person, check Lorenzo’s post on what is missing! Now fasten your seat belt, relax and wait for the acceptance letter from KTH…


5 thoughts on “International student accommodation: Lappis!”

  1. Hello Martyna, thank you very much for this information. It’s really appetizing and motivating. I am now imagining how life will be while at KTH staying in Lappis! Such a beautiful location is my dream come true!

    1. Thanks Justine for your comment! It will be fun!

  2. Hi Martyna,

    Thank you for the post about Lappis. I really like Lappis setting which is surrounded by trees and sea, But I have a few concerns… how the kitchen is shared by people in Corridor?…any rules about that? I mean if everyone decided to cook is it possible?

    Are utensil common or have to bring our own stuffs?….and cooking is on Gas ?

    Neary by any Gym and Badminton courts are there?

    1. Hey Sengo!
      Yes, there are rules! People cook at different times usually, but sometimes we have dinner together and cook for everyone! There are electric stoves and common utensils, but you can always have your own! A football pitch is close by, and a gym + badminton courts are a 7min walk! That’s where I am heading right now!

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