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Application documents: do you have everything you need?

Hey there! I would like to start this post by congratulating with you. If you’re reading this, chances are you have taken the leap and submitted your application to KTH – this is already a great achievement, so congrats! The next important step is to upload all the documentation supporting your application before February 1, and that’s exactly what this post is about. Let’s revise which documents you need to submit to apply to KTH!

Picture of KTH main campus from above
In August, KTH welcomes you with its beautiful Summer colours!

General documents

The general documents are the ones you need to submit regardless of the study programme you are applying to. These include:

  • Diplomas from your completed degree(s): if you have already graduated, then you need to upload to University Admissions the scan of your diploma, both the original copy and an English version/translation. If you still do not have your diploma that’s okay, just follow University’s Admissions instructions here.
  • Transcript(s) of records: this is necessary to give KTH an idea of what you studied during your Bachelor. Don’t worry too much about GPA, though! As I wrote in this past blog post about application questions, GPA is just a number: there’s so much more to your application.
  • English certificate: if you still haven’t obtained your English certificate… well, run and get it! Time is up and these certificates usually take some time to be delivered. Also, remember that you may be exempted to provide an English certificate if you meet some requirements: you can read more about it on University Admissions.
  • Passport/identity card: do I really need to say anything on this? We just want to make sure you’re not ghost.

You can find more info under the “Entry Requirements” section of your study programme on KTH website – and if you still have some doubts, do not hesitate to contact KTH: you can find the contacts for the study programmes you want to apply to under the “Ask us about studies” section.

Specific documents

The specific documents are the ones related to the study programme(s) of your interest and, therefore, they vary greatly between each case.

In general, you may be asked to provide KTH with:

  • Application summary sheet: this is usually a form to be filled directly on KTH website. You will be asked to provide information about your past studies, and it is essential that you fill in the information very carefully as this can impact your application very much. The idea is: you have sent KTH your transcript of records, now you need to show them how what you studied is related to what you will study at KTH. I found it a bit long to complete so take your time and do it with calm – and if you ever did any mistakes, you can upload a new one (only your last submission will be revised). The best advice I can give you is to read carefully the specific subject/credits requirements for your study programme and link them to your past university experience.
  • Letter of motivation: needless to say, this is another crucial document: show KTH why you want to study here, what you’ll bring to your class and how your past experiences are linked to your future aspirations. I suggest you to read this past blog post on how to write a convincing cover letter.
  • Portfolio: in the portfolio you showcase your past works and your artistic vision. The blogger Martyna wrote a very nice post on how to write a good portfolio, so I’ll leave you to that – I normally spend most of my day writing numbers with a black pen, so I can’t help you very much with this!
  • Curriculum: this document summarises who you are and what you did in your past. Keep it brief, straight to the point, and highlight experiences that can be relevant for your study programme. Plus, if you also need to write a letter of motivation, try to make the two documents complement each other! The letter should expand on your curriculum, not repeat it. On our blog you can read more about how to write an eye-catching curriculum.
  • Letter(s) of recommendation: usually, a letter of recommendation is written by a former professor or employer of yours. It should contain information about yourself and how you work, from the point of view of someone who’s more experienced. Once again, try to ask the writer to focus on what makes you stand out as a candidate and on your strengths, as well as how you would be the perfect fit for your programme (this is very important!).
  • Degree project proposal: few programmes may require you to write a brief degree project proposal. Don’t worry: you will be able to change it after you enter the programme. It is just a way to test your confidence and your interest in the subject: my best advice would be to keep it interesting but also realistic – this shows that you have good ideas and knowledge but, at the same time, some sense of practicality.
Picture of a sunset over an almost-frozen lake.
A beautiful winter scenery to cheer you up in the application time: you’re almost there!

That is all for today. I wish you good luck with your application and suggest you to check out Martyna’s last post on education at KTH and Raygo’s post on application advice. Feel free to leave a comment for any doubts you may have!

See you in the next post!

// Lorenzo

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