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Apply to KTH: FAQ – part two

In today’s post, I will answer some more common questions regarding the application to KTH. We have already talked about how to apply to KTH, and you can also find the first part of these FAQs in this previous blog post. As January 16 is getting really close, let’s start with this second part!

Future students dream of coming to KTH and Sweden.

Which are the next deadlines?

You will have to submit your application to University Admissions by January 16. This means that by January 16 you will have to choose and rank all the Master’s Programmes you want to apply to. You will have time to upload the so-called “supporting documentation” (English certificates, transcripts of records, and every other document you have to upload) until February 1. Application results will be published in April.

How is Winter in Stockholm?

During Winter, the entire Stockholm area turns into a Winter Wonderland! I was used to very grey and rainy winters, but here everything is different. It often snows (which, to me, is much better than rain) and, because of the low temperature, the snow sticks to the ground creating wonderful landscapes (have a look at my blog post on this year’s first snow). Moreover, you can get to enjoy many activities that you may be unfamiliar with, such as cross-country skiing (even on frozen lakes!), skating or hiking in the beautiful nature reserves close to the city – or you can just enjoy a coffee in a cosy place with some friends, while it snows outside. Finally, don’t fear the darkness: it is really not as bad as it is often depicted, as the city is truly beautiful at night – especially during Winter. There are Christmas and non-Christmas lights everywhere, which make the city look really warm and cosy even when you are outside. Plus, the sunsets are just incredible!
If you want to know more about the Swedish Winter, you can read more on that in my previous blog post.

How will my application be assessed? Does GPA count?

Every application to KTH is assessed through different documents, such as transcripts of records, letters of motivation, CVs, recommendation letters, portfolios or summary sheets. What you have to submit depends on the Master’s programme of your interest, and you can find out more about the documents required by your specific programme on the entry requirements page of KTH website. In general, your GPA will count but it will not be evaluated alone: every application also considers all the other documents that you need to upload.

Some encouragement for you: I had a GPA slightly below average but managed to get into my Master’s programme anyway (the admission rate was about 20%). So, really, don’t get too stressed about your GPA! There is much more that KTH is looking for. Finally, remember that every document must be uploaded on the University Admissions website, and not on the KTH’s.

If you need some advice, don’t forget to check our previous blog posts on how to write a good letter of motivation, how to create the perfect portfolio and how to write a convincing CV!

Are there any specific requirements regarding the application documents?

Yes! You can find all the specific documents’ requirements on the entry requirements page of your programme of interest. In particular, it is crucial that you stick to the document length requirements: for instance, if you are asked to submit a 500-word letter of motivation, don’t risk it and keep it to a maximum of 500! The same goes for any other document you may be asked to submit (e.g. your curriculum).

Also, don’t forget to only upload the documents you are requested, and not more!

How is student life at KTH? Are there clubs of any sort?

KTH is full of clubs and opportunities for you to explore new hobbies and meet new people. From Formula Student and rocketry teams to American Football and Orienteering, you can really find tens of different clubs to join. Moreover, when you start studying at KTH you are assigned a certain “Chapter”. You can imagine Chapters as Harry Potter’s houses: each Chapter organises activities and has its own pub where you can chill and have fun with other Chapter members on campus. Also, at the beginning of the academic year (typically from the beginning of August to the first half of September), THS (KTH’s Student Union) organises the International Reception: a series of super-fun activities that you can sign up to to get to know the city and tons of new international students. I have so many good memories from this year’s International Reception!

Is it hard to find a student job in Stockholm?

Not at all! There are plenty of job opportunities for students, even if you don’t speak Swedish. While shopping in Stockholm, it is actually easy to hear sales assistants speaking in English with each other! Some job ideas may be curating some online websites, working as a sales assistant or waiter, or even joining a company part-time (this is very common, especially in IT). In Sweden, students are seen as resources and not dead weights!

That’s all for today. Don’t forget to follow KTH on Instagram to participate in the various Q&A sessions organised by our fellow Instagrammers and, if you haven’t done it yet, subscribe to KTH Newsletter to keep in touch with everything that is going on at the university.

Good luck with your application, and see you in the next post!

// Lorenzo

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