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How to make “study at KTH” a reality

Are you dreaming about leaving your routine and pursuing your goals to study at KTH? When you close your eyes, do you place yourself in the lovely city of Stockholm? Oh yes, it sounds like a vision within reach…But how to achieve it?

Samantha KTH courtyard
Does Samantha from Canada seem overly excited to be at KTH?

Measurable goals

First, we should set feasible goals and follow them, taking small but clear steps.

  1. When would you like to study at KTH? This year or next year?
  2. What subject/programme are you passionate about? The classic one: what would you like to be doing in 5 years?
  3. Why is this goal essential to you? (This answer could come up in your motivational letter as well).

Plan a strategy for the application

To begin with, you should decide which programme at KTH could make you an expert in that particular field you are interested in. Once you know, you should check the admission requirements! Find your programme and plan what is needed for the application at KTH.

Target dates

Knowing your target dates makes you plan your time efficiently. Deadlines for application can be a positive thing. Why don’t you mark these dates on your calendar and hang them in your room? 16 January – the last day to rate your chosen programmes at KTH. This should be achieved through Before 1 February- upload all the documentation, e.x. Certificates, transcripts of records, etc.

I wouldn’t leave it to the last minute since everything, personally, takes longer than you think. For instance, after writing my motivational letter, I asked friends and family to go through it and word it better. Plus, waking up with a fresh mind the following day reveals what is essential in your motivational letter and how to express yourself better.

Why should you apply to more than one programme at KTH?

If you are following Samantha, Sophia, and Rafael on Instagram, you probably have seen them doing crazy things in their stories. But also, you could have spotted them mentioning the acceptance rate for each programme. It really varies from programme to programme. Thus, I would say research it thoroughly! Why don’t you apply to more than one programme? That would increase the chances of your dream to come to Sweden!

How to prove your fluency in English?

There are several ways to prove your English if you are not a native speaker. Overall, the level of English required is English 6 ( for Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes – English B). There are some master’s level courses and programmes where English 5 or English 7 is the requirement. To sum up, check the level of the programme you are applying for to be sure!

To demonstrate your English, you should pick one: particular upper secondary (high school) studies, particular university studies, or International tests (IELTS, TOEFL). IELTS or TOEFL tests take ages to do. I would recommend leaving it as the last option. Even though I had an IELTS certificate to provide, my bachelor’s degree was taught in English in the United Kingdom. This really made things easier, and all I had to do was upload a certificate/letter to university admissions. Still unclear? Read more on the website.

Almost there!

To summarise, you should have a clear vision of your goals, a plan, and a time schedule! This sounds like a lot to do, but the results will be sweet! I promise.

I personally recommend contacting Student Ambassadors, who would be happy to help you if you have any specific questions regarding a particular programme at KTH.

If you have any further questions regarding planning, applications, or any other, drop a comment below!


2 thoughts on “How to make “study at KTH” a reality”

  1. Thanks for the tip Martyna, it’s helpful.
    Please on the issue of writing a motivation letter, I uploaded my motivation letter around November last year but at the moment I have gained a new skill and joined an NGO in my country which was not included in the motivation. Can I include this in a new motivation letter and upload it?

    1. Hey!
      Thank you for your feedback! I would certainly update/add any experience under a particular statement about yourself. Talk more about it! (it could be a way to stand out) Presenting a fact, you justify and solidify your statement! Also, it creates an impression about you!

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