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KTH Application Season is now Open

21st October 2020 – It is that time of the year again where students are busy applying to a number of best universities across the globe. I remember being occupied the whole season while I applied to more than 10 universities. The whole process was exhausting, considering that different universities required different kinds of documents … Continue reading “KTH Application Season is now Open”

Working Part-Time during Studies at KTH

The one question that I get asked more often is “If working part-time is possible at KTH or Stockholm?”. I would answer the question in this blog and take you through a number of opportunities that are available in Stockholm that can help you with balancing the living expenses here. The resident permit allows students … Continue reading “Working Part-Time during Studies at KTH”

Celebrating National Cinnamon Bun Day

Cinnamon bun is synonymous with Swedish Fika. Every fika I have been part of always has a plate full of cinnamon buns along with coffee. The love for cinnamon bun has led to an annual secular holiday in Sweden on the 4th of October celebrated as  Kanelbullens dag (Cinnamon bun/roll day). History has it that … Continue reading “Celebrating National Cinnamon Bun Day”

Virtual KTH Campus Tour

Previously, more than hundreds of students who aspired to join KTH would show up on the campus for a guided tour. They would be taken around campus with a tour of different schools at KTH, the library, KTH accommodation facilities, laboratories, and the Student Union house. KTH students would share their personal experiences about life … Continue reading “Virtual KTH Campus Tour”

How are the classes happening during Covid times at KTH?

Corona situation has definitely changed the way people interact worldwide. And educational institutes like KTH have adopted appropriate teaching methods that benefit the students without compromising on the quality of course delivery. In this blog, I present to you my experience through this period of the semester, where it is a combination of digital and … Continue reading “How are the classes happening during Covid times at KTH?”