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The time has come for me to wish you lycka till and say hej då! I have completed my MSc programme in Sustainable Urban Planning and Design and am looking forward to the next chapter of my career. This also means that new international student bloggers will be taking over soon, so stay tuned to … Continue reading “Farewell!”

Golden Hours – Photography in Stockholm

Stockholm is a beautiful city. I have been lucky enough to live here for the last two years and lucky enough to meet lots of creative people that can capture the city beautifully. Here I’ve gathered some of the photos my photographer friends Róisin, Mayela and Chirag have taken in the past year. These are … Continue reading “Golden Hours – Photography in Stockholm”

New country, new normals & plenty to learn

While many of you are (or are soon to be) in the arrival process to Sweden, I’ve recently arrived in the US for a brief visit home. ‘Home’ for me is a small town of about 10,000 people on the west coast of Michigan. Since arriving, I’ve admittedly experienced a bit of reverse culture shock. … Continue reading “New country, new normals & plenty to learn”

Three cities of my summer

Usually summer in Sweden is very chilled, as most people prefer taking long vacations starting from Midsommar celebrations and later on. However, my summer will be quite busy. It will take place in three main locations, three cities that I absolutely love. So in this post, I’m going to share with you my summer plans … Continue reading “Three cities of my summer”

Lessons from a tour guide (How hosting my family made me appreciate Stockholm)

In June, my family came to visit Stockholm for the first time. Since they weren’t here for long, I tried to be intentional about where and how we spent our time together. I enjoyed playing tour guide, and it made me realise all the ways in which I’ve gotten to know the city. My family’s … Continue reading “Lessons from a tour guide (How hosting my family made me appreciate Stockholm)”

A Getaway in the City Centre

Skeppsholmen is a small island in the centre of Stockholm that feels far from the busy city life. Instead, when you cross the bridge to Skeppsholmen you’ll find beautiful parks, boat yards, museums and art galleries. Not only does this island have some of the best galleries in the city, it also has the best … Continue reading “A Getaway in the City Centre”