Lucia or how many concerts can you attend in a week

December in Sweden is full of Christmas activities like Christmas markets, ice skating, eating all the different sweets (hello safranbullar) and also concerts. On the 13th of December is a holiday called Lucia, in honour of the saint of the same name who symbolizes the light taking over the darkness of winter. To celebrate this … Continue reading “Lucia or how many concerts can you attend in a week”

Time Optimised Grocery Shopping in Stockholm

As students, we are exhausted trying to find a balance between studies, travelling, hobbies, everyday errands, parties and relationships. Its seems like we barely find time to rest and do nothing. The past few weeks of this study period have been about making to-do lists for the coming days and working the tails off in … Continue reading “Time Optimised Grocery Shopping in Stockholm”

KTH India Day with Flavours

“Bollywood Dance and Food!”. Is this the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word India? Yes, Of course, and we are proud of our food and entertainment industry. But here is a group of students from KTH who are showing Sweden that India is much more than spicy food and … Continue reading “KTH India Day with Flavours”

What Next? KTH. Why?

“What next?”The question we face after every stage in our life from school, pre-university, graduation, postgraduation till the end of our life. The choices we make define the course of our professional and personal career. Thus, it is more important to understand our options and choose wisely through thorough research of professional opportunities along with … Continue reading “What Next? KTH. Why?”