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What I Spend in a Month as a KTH Student

Hej everyone! Welcome to this post. Being a student at KTH is an exciting and challenging experience. However, the vibrant city of Stockholm can be a bit pricey depending on what you are used to. As a KTH student, I’ve learned to navigate my monthly budget carefully, balancing academics, social life, and the cost of living. In this blog post, I’ll provide a detailed breakdown of my monthly expenses, shedding light on how I manage my finances as a student.

  1. Transportation (650 SEK):

Getting around Stockholm is a breeze with the SL student discount. For just 650 SEK a month, I have unlimited access to public transportation, allowing me to explore the city and commute to KTH without breaking the bank with the options of using the metro, ferry, commuter train, light rail, tram, and busses.

  1. Rent (7,100 SEK):
My apartment building on KTH Campus 🙂

Living in Stockholm comes with its housing challenges, but as a KTH student, I initially paid 7,100 SEK per month for student accommodation from KTH. However, rent varies depending on the type of accommodation, I have always opted for my own space choosing studio apartments, but there are also corridor rooms which are a cheaper option and available through KTH and SSSB.

3. Food (1,500 SEK):

Here is a picture of all of the food I got from a mystery grocery bag for 50SEK

Maintaining a balanced diet on a budget is achievable in Stockholm. By shopping at discount grocery stores, utilizing student discounts, and occasionally taking advantage of surprise grocery bags, I manage to keep my monthly food expenses to a reasonable 1,500 SEK. This way, I can enjoy nourishing meals without overspending.

  1. Entertainment/Fun in Stockholm (3,000 SEK):
A place I visit frequently is Moderna Museum!

Life as a student isn’t all about lectures and study sessions. Allocating 3,000 SEK a month for entertainment and fun allows me to explore Stockholm’s vibrant social scene. This budget covers expenses related to outings, whether it’s visiting clubs, cafes, or restaurants. It’s my way of maintaining a healthy work-life balance and making the most of my time in this dynamic city. You can definitely minimize this as a student and choose to do activities that are offered for free or not eating out as much.

Total monthly spend: 12,250 SEK

Balancing finances as a KTH student in Stockholm requires thoughtful planning and prioritization. By strategically managing expenses across transportation, rent, food, and entertainment, I’ve found a budget that allows me to thrive academically while still enjoying the social aspects of student life. Whether you’re a current KTH student or someone considering studying in Stockholm, understanding and budgeting for these expenses will undoubtedly contribute to a more enriching student experience.

As a disclaimer, a budget can look very different for people, I would like to add that this budget is reflective of the fact that I work alongside my studies.

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See you next week!


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