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International student accommodation: Lappis!

Would you like to live in the most international accommodation in Stockholm and have dinner each week of different cuisine? Lappkärrsberget (or Lappis, locally) is one of the most diverse places to live. Are you intrigued? Let me continue… Location This international student accommodation is located 20min by metro (overall commute) and 12min by bike … Continue reading “International student accommodation: Lappis!”

My daily cooking diary at Malvinas Väg

Hi guys! Today, I would like to share a practical and almost daily routine for every KTH student living in student accommodation: cooking! It may depend on each individual, but cooking is undoubtedly a relaxing activity to relieve my stress from the busy schoolwork. On the other hand, it is so satisfying when you are … Continue reading “My daily cooking diary at Malvinas Väg”

Reminder: application deadline for KTH Accommodation 

May 31st is the last day when newcoming international master’s students can apply for staying at KTH Accommodation during their first year.  This is a fantastic chance you don’t want to miss! Looking back to last year, I’m so glad that I decided to rent a studio on campus! Finding accommodation in Stockholm can be … Continue reading “Reminder: application deadline for KTH Accommodation “

What to pack for Sweden: do’s and don’ts

If you’re about to join KTH for the upcoming semester, this post might be just in time for you. As we will talk about something that brings a lot of stress to everybody who is moving to a new country for a long time, packing your stuff. Don’t panic! I’ve been there, too. So in … Continue reading “What to pack for Sweden: do’s and don’ts”

Where to live in Stockholm?

Looking for accommodation in Stockholm? It can be difficult to know where to look, especially if you haven’t visited the city before. Although it’s impossible to sum up a city in a single post, I’m going to try give a little overview of the areas where international students usually live. This might help you to … Continue reading “Where to live in Stockholm?”

Stockholm Accommodation Tips 

At this time of year, newly admitted students are usually searching for accommodation around Stockholm for August. The application for housing through KTH opens this Sunday, the 1st of May, so check out the KTH Accommodation page to apply or find out more about this. You can also check out some previous blogs to get … Continue reading “Stockholm Accommodation Tips “