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Friluftsliv: living the outdoors!

Hello everybody and welcome to this new post! Finally, Spring has arrived in Stockholm and it has gifted us with two weeks of uninterrupted sunny weather (15 degrees, slight breeze, great sunsets – Summer vibes!). Therefore, the time has come to get back in contact with nature and enjoy some good outdoor life (“friluftsliv”, in … Continue reading “Friluftsliv: living the outdoors!”

Healthcare in Sweden: how to keep your pulse up?

Hey guys! You might be wondering and calculating the costs of living in Sweden. I assure you that healthcare is not as expensive as you may perceive it and let me explain how healthcare works here! Finding your way around the Swedish healthcare system The Swedish healthcare system is financed by social insurance that provides … Continue reading “Healthcare in Sweden: how to keep your pulse up?”

Congratulations on your admission! (Guide to KTH for international-admitted students)

Hej! On behalf of the KTH bloggers team, I congratulate you again on your admission! After Martyna wrote about the guide to EU-admitted students in her previous blog post, It’s my turn to share another one for international-admitted students! Residence permitIn contrast to EU citizens, we must get a student residence permit during our study … Continue reading “Congratulations on your admission! (Guide to KTH for international-admitted students)”

“Student discount survival kit”

Hey there! Are you planning to study at KTH and wondering how to live on a student budget in Stockholm and still enjoy exploring the city? I will give away some not-so-secret tips on how to do that! Imagine if you are stranded on the “deserted island of Stockholm”… Let’s search for what we have … Continue reading ““Student discount survival kit””

Budgeting tips for Stockholmers-to-be

Hello everybody and welcome to this new blog post! Today, I want to share with you some budgeting tips to make your life in Sweden more affordable. Scandinavian countries have the reputation of being particularly expensive and, even if this is not completely true, living on a student budget can still be tough. We have … Continue reading “Budgeting tips for Stockholmers-to-be”

How close is your KTH campus?

Hey everyone! Are you wondering where your campus is located and which accommodation to choose or how to get to each campus? Today I will let to know about the distances between the campuses and the areas around them! KTH MAIN CAMPUS The main KTH campus is located in central Stockholm. This campus consists of … Continue reading “How close is your KTH campus?”