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How close is your KTH campus?

Hey everyone! Are you wondering where your campus is located and which accommodation to choose or how to get to each campus? Today I will let to know about the distances between the campuses and the areas around them!

All KTH campuses


The main KTH campus is located in central Stockholm. This campus consists of many schools meaning many buildings are close to each other. It’s like a small student village in the busy city of Stockholm! It has 3-4 student cafes, the main courtyard, the main KTH Library, outdoor spaces, historical and architectural buildings and much more! Most of the chapter pubs are located in this area too.

KTH’s main campus has direct access to North Djugarden, which is a well-protected home to many animals and has water reservoirs and forests. KTH accommodation is right on the doorstep. If you plan to stay at KTH accommodation, walking to lectures on this campus can take 1 to 7 min! Oversleeping is a big risk, I guess. KTH Entré is right at the entrance of the campus area. This is where you will arrive in August, and we will welcome you to start your new chapter!


Solna campus

This campus is fairly central and very well-connected! You can find it in a newly built area of Stockholm and very close to the older-looking part of Stockholm. It’s a busy area full of scientists and medics running around! There is an SSSB accommodation close by that I recommend looking into! Solna, Vasastan and anything closer to the city centre is lively living areas. Also, there is a huge Haga park that I love walking around! It would take around 20min to get from this campus to the KTH main campus by bus!


Kista campus

The Kista campus is located in the north of Stockholm. Many technology companies surround this campus. Who knows: one day, you are a student looking through the window towards the big companies, and another might be working for them! Connecting with the business sector and developing relationships is a great opportunity! Kista is a very international area having lots of culture and traditions. This campus is 36min away from the main KTH campus by metro! 25min by metro to the centre of Stockholm.


Södertälje campus

This campus is located in the southwest of Stockholm, but you don’t have to worry since transportation is well-developed here! Many perks come with that! You could look into accommodation near your campus, and I am sure the price will be much cheaper! Plus so many green areas, forests and hills to hike! Hiking could become your everyday activity! Getting to the main KTH campus would take 55 min by metro and to the city centre 45 min.


Flemingsberg campus

This Flemingsberg campus is basically located in the forest, south of Stockholm. It is a modern campus with lots of light and many tech machines. Lunch and walks during your breaks with a view are guaranteed! It is only 45 min to away from KTH Entré and 30 min to the city centre! A couple of lakes are around to take a fresh dip or have a picnic! SSSB “medicinaren” accommodation is 5 steps away!

A photo I took on a hike around the Flemingsberg area

I remember being lost in choosing accommodation since I had never been to Sweden before! I hope this post could draw a better picture of different KTH campuses and their locations within Stockholm! If you are unsure what you need for your studies in Sweden and you are from the EU, you can check my previous post!

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