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Why is Stockholm a top choice for students?

Hello everybody, and welcome to this new blog post! Today, we are going to talk about why Stockholm is a great city for international students. The admission results are just behind the corner, so why not start to wonder about what’s life like for an international student here?

Hotorget square during the evening
The lovely Hötorget is a beautiful example of the (architectural) dynamism of the city!

In my opinion, Stockholm is one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities in Europe, with a lot to offer to students who come here – it is not a coincidence that many choose to stay! From the stunning architecture to the rich cultural history, there are many reasons why Stockholm is an excellent choice for international students. Let’s explore them together!


Stockholm is a very safe city. Sweden is known for its low crime rate, and Stockholm is no exception. This means that you can feel secure and at ease while studying and exploring the city, without worrying about pickpocketers or other dangers. Moreover, everyone around is super kind and willing to help, making you feel safe and welcome!


Another reason why I love Stockholm is its dynamism and how this goes hand in hand with the Swedish lifestyle. On the one hand, Stockholm is a “fast” city: there is great public transportation, the roads are full of people in the weekend and the city is full of activities and things to do. On the other hand, this is contrasted by the calm of the Swedes, who tend to value a slower rhythm and seem to take life more easily than what you see in other high-paced cities, like Milan or London. The city has many museums, galleries and theaters, as well as a vibrant music and arts scene (have you checked my previous post on Stockholm’s music scene?). There is always something to see and do and, as a student, you can often get discounts on tickets and events.

At the same time, Stockholm is a very international city. English is widely spoken, and many Swedes are fluent in it – it is super easy to walk in the streets and hear more English than Swedish, even in shops. This makes it easy for international students to communicate and socialize with locals and other international students, with the opportunity to meet tons of people from all over the world and explore their cultures very easily. I love this, it’s super enriching!

Picture of a table with some French food (crepes, cheese, fruit...)
My housemates and I used to do “international meals” – this was the French brunch!


Whether you are fond of outdoor activities or not, the fact that Stockholm is surrounded by nature can be anything but a bad thing. The city is built on 14 islands, and it is full of many beautiful parks and nature reserves to explore (all easy to reach with public transportation). You could even take a boat trip around the archipelago and enjoy the stunning scenery without having to pay anything extra, since boats are included in you SL card (you can read this post on public transport in Stockholm to have more information).

Its incredible position and the capillary presence of nature also means that the air and the skies tend to be very clean, with very little pollution compared to other European cities. This is also due to the importance that Sweden gives to sustainability and environmental issues, and is reflected in the city’s excellent transport system (mostly based on biofuel or electrified vehicles, powered by renewable energy).

Sunset over a lake in Stockholm
This kind of park, with endless nature and big lakes, is super common here

In conclusion, Stockholm is a fantastic city for international students. It is safe, environmentally conscious, international, great for outdoor activities, and has a vibrant cultural scene. Overall, this balance gives you a very high quality of life as a student, and I’m sure that this will make your stay in Sweden the most exciting time of your life!

If you’re still wondering what it’s like to live here, I would suggest you Maryna’s post on her favourite places in Stockholm and Raygo’s post on the cost of living in Stockholm: I’m sure you will find them both super interesting!

That is all for today, and have a nice week!

// Lorenzo

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  1. fantastic Lorenzo, you are so kind, great description, I hope that your time in Sweden is beautiful, full of emotions, meaby in the next few time we’ll meet in this city. Keep it up!!

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