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Costs of living in Stockholm 2023: part three – Raygo

Hi guys, it is Raygo here today! As Lorenzo and Martyna talked about their living costs in the previous posts, I will share mine as the last post for this featured topic now!

Fika time with friends at a cafe in the city


Like the other two bloggers, the rent accounts for most of my budget. Living in the studio apartment at Malvinas väg costs me 6500 SEK (approximately 580 EUR) monthly, with electricity, water, internet, and all other necessary facilities included. It may seem a bit pricer than other KTH accommodation options, but with the convenient location and a furnished apartment, I am more than satisfied with paying for it with this amount.

As for transportation, I bought my second-hand bike for 700 SEK (approximately 60 EUR) not long after my arrival half-year ago. I have used it since then as my major transportation from summer to autumn. However, like Martyna, I have to switch to the metro during winter as the slippery road conditions are usually unsuitable for cycling due to the snowfall. Therefore, I pay 27 SEK for a single student ticket for every metro ride (valid for 75 minutes). And I took one ride or less on average each day during winter, so it cost about 540 SEK to 800 SEK (approximately 50 EUR to 70 EUR) for my winter transportation.


I usually have lunch at the canteens and restaurants on campus during a typical school day, as I have lessons and tutorials before or after lunchtime. Also, I always bump into familiar faces there, which is another reason I enjoy dining on campus. As a reference, the prices range from about 80 SEK to 120 SEK (approximately 7 EUR to 11 EUR).

I also enjoy cooking and usually make dinner at my apartment. As revealed in my previous post about cooking at Malvinas väg, I go grocery shopping almost once every week, and each time I purchase enough food and ingredients for dinner meals for the whole week. And I pay around 400 SEK to 500 SEK (approximately 36 EUR to 45 EUR) for every visit.

It is inevitable sometimes to have social activities which require dining out for lunch or dinner. Restaurants in Stockholm charge similar or slightly more expensive than in Hong Kong. For instance, a dinner set at a decent restaurant in town would be about 250 SEK to 300 SEK (approximately 22 EUR to 27 EUR). So, I spend around 1000 SEK – 1500 SEK (approximately 90 EUR to 135 EUR) for meals outside every month.

The snooker club where I usually go with my friend


Like Lorenzo and Martyna, I am also keen on skiing and badminton and spend about the same as they do on these activities. Apart from that, I enjoy playing snooker and bowling, which you may do either at some clubs in Stockholm. Each time it costs about 150 SEK (approximately 13 EUR). Furthermore, I usually go hiking with my friends in the nature nearby Stockholm, and it only costs me the price of the bus and metro ride, which is about 50 SEK TO 80 SEK (approximately 4 EUR to 7 EUR), and maybe some snacks for the picnic up on the hill.

So, it depends on the individual’s lifestyle regarding living costs in Stockholm. As you can tell from the posts of the three of us, we have some similarities and differences in the various aspects we have discussed. But also, the costs of living differ from time to time as we have different activities throughout the year and the seasons (at least we can’t ski during summer when the snow has melted). We still hope to give you all insights and general ideas of what it is like living in Stockholm and the expenses to be expected. Stay tuned and we will do more episodes about the budget way of living in Stockholm and other related themes!