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Highlights of my week!-Martyna

Hey there! I had a pretty exciting week and I wanted to share with all of you a few glimpses of my week! What a day in Lorenzo’s life at KTH looks like is out there already and in the near future you will be able to sneak peak into Raygo’s life too!

kth casting room architecture
Casting room with models resting

I open my eyes around 7.30 and sometimes only one eye at 7.55. But this week I was up early because so many exhilarating things happened! So most of my days I spent preparing a formwork for casting plaster! This casting room is in the architecture and the built environment campus. This was my very first time working with this material so I ”bombarded” the staff of KTH with so many questions and tips. In the casting room, I felt like in a temple: it was so quite and the process of casting was meditative. However, “my knees went weak” while I was pouring the cast into the mould, so many doubts went through my mind about whether I did all the steps. Thankfully, the cast was okay and now i have to remove the formwork, sand it and take photos in the photography room!

kth architecture school model making
The birth of my casting model

In the school of Architecture and the built environment, we have many cosy corners to work on your models. I was working in the styrofoam room, where KTH provides hot wire machines for cutting. It’s very useful that we can borrow many tools from the workshop and have lots of options of all kinds of material to buy from! I was removing the styrofoam from the casted model here and had to borrow some special tools for it!

stockholm park rocks
Blecktorns park in Södermalm, Stockolm

For my thesis project, I found this site last summer while I was wondering around the south of Stockholm. This week I decided to visit again to take photographs for my project and include them for my presentation. Since my project is very much site related, it is crucial to work with the existing and have evidence of it! Visiting the site is part of the education! I observed the surroundings, the people passing by, what kind of trees are growing and made some notes! The park on the left side (of the photo above) is located on a huge rock formation. There you can find animal shelters, where you can see goats climbing rocks! Isn’t this fantastic in the city of Stockholm?

badminton player
Competent badminton player moving like a ninja!

On sundays we play badminton and we were lucky to watch the tournament at the same sports hall we were playing! It was brilliant to see professionals moving in the court like ninjas! It’s almost like dancing in a certain way…Many students were competing and showing their technique and badminton skills in a proficient manner. You can book the courses yourself to play with your friends any time you want! Personally, the more you play it, the more you love it. Also, you can meet incredible and passionate people when playing sports!

horses lappis farm wilderness
Velvety horses on my way back home!

On my way back home, I was blessed to see some horses in the wilderness at night! There is a small farm close to Lappis accommodation, and they come close to the boarder occasionally. It’s an extraordinary phenomena for me, and they took my breath away…Look at the velvety hair they have!

There is so much more that happened during my studies here in Stockholm and I am sure you will experience too when you come to study here! I hope these highlights inspired you and if you are worried about costs of living, check Lorenzo’s post and mine too! What Lappis accommodation looks like is described in my previous post! I can not wait for you to share YOUR highlights of the week in Stockholm!

Have a lovely week!