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KTH Accommodation Guide- Teknikringen, Täby, Lappkärrsberget, and Malvinas väg


Hey everyone! If you’re thinking about where to live while studying at KTH, you’re in the right place. I’m Sai, and I’ve put together a one-stop student-friendly guide to help you figure out the best spot to call home during your studies. We’ll look at different KTH housing options, from the lively Teknikringen right on campus to the peaceful vibes of Täby, and not forgetting the cool spots at Lappkärrsberget and Malvinas väg.

To make sure you get the real scoop, I’ve teamed up with fellow students who are living the experience. Dinara Kubashova, one of the digital ambassadors, shared her life at Teknikringen, and Joshua Andrew, an MSc student in Renewable Energy, helped me out with Täby. So, let’s dive in and find out what it’s really like living in these places, straight from students who know them best. This is a big post, so I’ve added links to jump to the desired sections quickly.

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  1. Teknikringen
  2. Täby
  3. Lappkärrsberget
  4. Malvinas väg
  5. Finding your own accommodation


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Light coloured brick buildings showing the exterior of the accommodation at Teknikringen
Teknikringen 45

Big thanks to Dinara, our fellow digital ambassador studying Sustainable Urban Planning and Design, for the info on Teknikringen.

Hello everyone! I’m Dinara. I’ve been living in a Teknikringen accommodation for a while now, and I’m excited to share my experience with you. Living on campus has its perks, from the short walks to class to the vibrant student community around. I hope my insights help you get a better feel of what it’s like to live here and assist you in making an informed decision about your future home at KTH.

Dinara Kubashova

Where Is It?

A pathway leading to the rear of the Teknikringen 45 building and a few students walking towards it
A Glimpse from Behind the Building

Teknikringen is right in the heart of the main campus, offering a prime location for students. There are a few ways to reach it. Walking from the subway? You can take Kristina Drottning väg, turn left at Brinellvägen, and then another left onto Teknikringen Road. Alternatively, taking the route through Osquars Backe offers a scenic walk (but not luggage-friendly), leading directly to Teknikringen Road where the eye-catching red-brick buildings signal your arrival. There are several Teknikringen buildings and I live in Teknikringen 45, incredibly close to where my classes are held—just a 2-minute walk away.

What’s It Like?

A view from inside the Teknikringen bedroom, with a small rectangular window.
The Bedroom

The Basics The accommodations here are good and well-maintained. I’m in a two-bedroom apartment with a roommate, featuring a spacious living area with a shared kitchen and bathroom. The place came furnished with all the essentials, plus a bed-kit from KTH. We also found quite a few handy items left by previous tenants, like kitchen tools and cleaning supplies. The one thing missing is a microwave, but that’s easily worked around with campus facilities.

A kitchenette with a fridge and a table

Kitchen & Bedrooms There’s ample room for both of us to live comfortably, though the kitchen is set up for one person to cook at a time. The living room has two large tables, perfect for meals, studying, or having friends over. The bedrooms might be a bit smaller compared to some other options, but they’re well-sized for personal use, with enough space for activities like yoga or exercise.

A picture of laundry machines at Teknikringen
Laundry Room

Laundry Day The laundry facilities are located on the second floor, shared with residents from Teknikringen 47. There are eight washers and dryers available, but the system limits us to four bookings a month, so planning ahead is crucial. You can’t enter the laundry room outside of your booked slot timings, so don’t forget to take out your clothes in time 😂, but you can always ask someone to open the door in the Teknikringen group chat.

A cozy living area with a table and a shelf
Living Area

Recycling Being in Sweden means getting into the habit of recycling, and our building is no exception. It takes a bit of time to get used to, but once you do, it’s a simple part of daily life.

Dinara’s Take

A beautiful view from the living area window
The view from my window

Living in Teknikringen is a dream when it comes to convenience. Despite a few downsides, like being on the pricey side compared to other student accommodations, the location can’t be beaten. Being able to live on campus means you don’t need to rush (ever!), and the light grey walls and ample natural light make for a calming living space. We also have a great view outside our window, so it looks fantastic whenever the sun comes out! The sense of community here is strong—I’ve made great friends, and there’s always someone around for a game night.


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Black coloured builldings at Täby
Täby’s buildings

Let’s talk about living in Täby, a cool spot for KTH students looking for a place to call home. Joshua Andrew, who’s been living in Täby’s Building 103A, shares his insights and experiences about the area and what it offers. From studio rooms to shared two-bedroom apartments, there’s a variety of spaces that cater to different student needs. Joshua lives in a comfy single-bedroom apartment that is shared with a fellow student, giving them a cozy 49m² to live in.

Getting Around and Local Gems

Spacious living area showing a couple of tables and a kitchenette
The living area and the kitchenette

Getting to KTH from Täby is a breeze thanks to the light rail (Tram). It’s pretty reliable and gets you to campus in about 20 minutes—super convenient, right? And if you need to shop, Täby Centrum is just a short walk away, stocked with everything from groceries to gadgets.

A room to store bikes
Bike room

In addition to these perks, the accommodation has a kitchenette, a welcoming living area, and a shared laundry room in building 103B—just make sure to book your slot a week in advance. Oh, and for the cyclists, there’s a secure bike room to keep your ride safe.

Facilities and Life in Täby

A bedroom with two beds and a window
The shared bedroom

Joshua finds time to enjoy the nearby gym and ice rink, making the most of the local amenities. He’s really into the green surroundings of Täby, especially during the summer months. The area might be a tad further from campus than places like Teknikringen, but the quick tram ride to KTH makes it a great option.

A living room showing a door and a window into the balcony
The living area and the entrance to the balcony area

The buildings and facilities in Täby feel new and fresh, with well-insulated rooms that keep you cosy all year round. Joshua’s rent for his shared single-bedroom apartment is 6700 SEK per month, covering internet and other basics.

The Living Quarters

A digital display showing the available laundry slots
The laundry booking system

The apartments come with the essentials—tables, chairs, and beds. Joshua mentions the neighbours are friendly, and there’s a pretty spacious living area to hang out with friends. Though he points out that the single bedrooms can be a little tight for two people, some folks in other apartments have creatively moved one of the beds to the living area for extra space. It seems to work out, giving everyone more room and a nice hangout spot. Speaking of, Joshua had a blast hosting friends for Diwali, highlighting the place’s good vibes for gatherings.

Final Thoughts

A room decorated with festive lighting with a large group of people in colourful clothes having dinner
Diwali celebrations in the living area

Täby stands out for its blend of affordability, convenience, and that touch of nature, with its green surroundings and modern, comfy rooms. The spacious windows and balcony areas are perfect for summer chilling. Even though the bedrooms might feel snug for two, the overall feedback on Täby is super positive. It’s a solid pick for students who want a balance of easy campus access and a friendly community vibe.


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a scenic view of the Lappis campus
Lappkärrsberget campus

Lappkärrsberget, or Lappis, offers a vibrant international student experience, as detailed in Martyna Varslavenaite’s blog. Just 20 minutes from KTH by metro, this accommodation stands out with its diverse community, scenic bike routes through Norra Djurgården, and a wide range of amenities, including communal kitchens for international dinners, sports facilities, and a nearby beach for summer swims. Lappis is not just a place to live; it’s a place to experience global cultures and natural beauty all at once.

Malvinas väg

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A gray building of the Malvinas väg accommodation
Malvinas väg

Malvinas väg, nestled within KTH’s main campus, offers students the convenience of campus life right at their doorstep. Highlighted by Raygo in his blog, this accommodation features studio apartments with private kitchens and bathrooms, catering to the needs of individuals who value privacy and comfort. Located a short walk from key facilities, Malvinas väg is perfect for those looking to integrate seamlessly into campus activities.

Finding your own accommodation

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If you are not guaranteed housing through KTH, you should start looking for private accommodation as soon as you are admitted. Here are some useful links that will help you find accommodation.

As we’ve journeyed through the varied accommodations KTH has to offer, from the bustling campus life at Teknikringen to the serene environs of Täby, and the vibrant international community at Lappkärrsberget, to the convenient and cozy Malvinas väg, it’s clear that KTH students have a wealth of options to choose from. Each place brings unique charm and advantages, ensuring every student can find a spot that feels like home. Remember, choosing where to live is about finding the right balance for your lifestyle and study habits. Hopefully, this guide has provided you with a clearer picture to help make that decision a little easier. Happy house hunting!


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