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Finding housing on your own

If you are not guaranteed housing through KTH you should start looking for private accommodation as soon as you are admitted. We do not assist in finding housing, but we have gathered some valuable tips to get you going.

Register in housing queues

There are two main student housing queues in Stockholm: the Stockholm Student Housing Foundation (SSSB) and the Stockholm Housing Agency.

Stockholm Student Housing Foundation (SSSB)

We recommend all students to sign up for the Stockholm Student Housing Foundation (SSSB) housing queue as soon as possible. Even students guaranteed housing for their first year are recommended to sign up so that they can get accommodation for their second year. You can apply for SSSB 90 days before you become a student union member, which is a requirement. You can register once you arrive at KTH. If you have further questions, please contact SSSB directly.

The Stockholm Housing Agency

You can also sign up for the Stockholm Housing Agency , the municipal housing queue in Stockholm. Being a member has an annual cost. The longer you have been a member, the higher the chances of finding accommodation. If you have further questions, please contact the Stockholm Housing Agency directly.

Look at private housing ads

How far away from campus can I live?

The average commuting time in Stockholm is 40 minutes single journey. To find out if the accommodation you are interested in is within commuting distance from the campus, you can use the travel planner on the website of SL (Stockholm public transport). 

Getting accommodation through housing queues before arriving in Stockholm is not very common. A lot of students find their first accommocation through first-hand leases from private housing agencies or second-hand contracts posted by individuals online. You can either keep this housing throughout your studies or until you are offered accommodation from SSSB or the Stockholm Housing Agency.

A great place to start looking is the website Akademisk kvart , a non profit accommodation service with private housing advertisements aimed at students. It is free to use and hosted by the Stockholm Federation of Student Unions. As KTH is a public university, we can not recommend individual agencies or websites, but the nonprofit organisation has gathered a list of websites for housing ads  (only in Swedish). Regardless of what website or agency you use, always make sure that the advertisment is not a fraud.

Consider temporary accommodation

Some students choose to stay in a hostel or with friends for their first weeks in Stockholm while searching for accommodation. Renting a flat for a shorter period together with other new students is also an alternative.

Be aware of fraud

When searching for housing on the private rental market it is important to be cautious of potential fraud as it does occur. We recommend that you only pay in advance if you are using a real estate agency, or after you have both signed a written lease agreement and visited the apartment.

To reduce the risk of getting scammed, it is important to do a though background check before signing a lease and paying the first rent. 

  1. Request identification of the landlord and ask for full name, address and Swedish personal number/civic number. Search online to check if these details are correct.
  2. Look up the apartment address online to make sure it is real
  3. Check with the property owner if the landlord does in fact own or rent the flat, and that this person is permitted to rent this out as a second hand rental.
  4. Visit the apartment in person.

If you have been scammed, it is important that you report this to the police.