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Safety and living environment

To make your stay with us as safe and pleasant as possible, you must read up on your responsibilities as a tenant. For example, we expect you to keep your accommodation clean and maintain a low noise level to avoid disturbing your neighbours.

Important numbers

  • Call 112 in emergencies when there is a danger to life, property or the environment and you require urgent assistance from paramedics, emergency services or police.
  • Call 1177 if you become unwell, require consultation with a nurse or need help finding the right type of care.

Fire prevention

  • Make sure that the smoke detector in your room is working. Check your fire detector by pressing the "test button" and holding it for a couple of seconds. If it beeps, it works; if not, you need to change the batteries. Make it a habit to check your fire detector regularly. Never damage or cover a fire detector.
  • If you are cooking and something catches fire on the stove, smother the fire with a lid or a blanket. Don't pour water on it, as this may worsen it.
  • Never leave lit candles unattended. If you leave the room, put out the candles first.
  • Strictly no smoking in the buildings, neither in rooms nor common areas. Smoking is not allowed closer than 3 meters to buildings and entrances to avoid disturbance and fire risk.


  • Security guards patrol the accommodation areas regularly.
  • Always close the entrance doors properly behind you when you enter or exit your building and don't let anyone inside.
  • Lock the apartment door when you leave and keep it locked while being at home. This is also important for insurance reasons.

Home insurance

We strongly recommend that you have home insurance that covers the entire stay and includes liability. Depending on your student group, you may already be entitled to insurance coverage through KTH, which covers aspects of a good home insurance plan. Read through our information on insurance  to see if you need to acquire home insurance.

Keeping your accommodation clean

It is your responsibility as a tenant to keep your accommodation clean, including both your room and the common areas. Inspections are carried out and you are expected to keep a good level of cleanliness at all times. If your room is not cleaned to a good standard, you risk losing your contract and being billed fees. As the common areas, such as kitchens or laundry rooms, are the responsibility of all tenants using them, we recommend using a rolling schedule to take turns having the main responsibility for the cleaning. Talk to your neighbours to see how you can organise this best.

See what and how often it is recommended that you clean, and what products you may need: Cleaning and product guide (pdf 502 kB)

Keep the noise down

Apart from keeping it clean, an important way to show respect for your neighbours is to keep the noise down. In Sweden, a general rule is that there should be no noise between 10 pm and 7 am. If you have friends over, please be understanding and respectful if a neighbour asks you to keep it down.

Household waste

Make sure not to store trash in your room, apartment, corridor or hallway. This creates a poor living environment and hygiene and also blocks escape routes. Take out the garbage regularly, at least once a week. In most areas, there are bins for regular household garbage. There are usually particular recycling rooms for plastic, metal, glass, cardboard and newspapers. In Sweden, we try to recycle as much as possible, and we encourage you to do the same. Never leave trash outside a bin, as this is illegal and attracts vermin.

If something breaks

If something breaks in your accommodation it is important that you make a fault report  immediately, so that the caretakers can fix it and the accommodation can work optimally.