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How to pay rent

Your rent invoice is sent to you each month via e-mail. Rent is always paid in advance, and you must pay before the due date stated on the invoice. As rent is a condition for keeping the contract, you must pay on time and contact us if you have problems with the payment. ​

How to make the payment

You receive the invoice by email and you pay the rent directly in your workflow in Mobility Online MOBILITY-ONLINE .

If your card cannot make online transactions and you can therefore not make the payment in Mobility Online you need to contact for further information.

Do not make any bank transfers before contacting

Important to remember when making the payment

If you pay through a bank transfer or internet bank, you must use the invoice number as the reference number, or we will not be able to connect your payment with your invoice. Only write the invoice number, do not include any other information. If someone else pays your rent, make sure they use the invoice number. The payment is not automatically approved in Mobility Online when paying with bank transfer. Only when you have sent the receipt to and we have received the transfer the payment can be approved.

Only use the same invoice once, as each invoice has a unique invoice number.

Rent is always paid in advance and for all days up to and including the last day of the contract. There is a notification period to cancel your contract before the original end date. You must pay rent for the whole notification period.

Problems paying

Rent is a condition for keeping the contract. If there are any delays or issues, contact .