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Accommodation contract

A contract stating the terms for renting and the rental period is sent to you at the time of booking. You sign it digitally before arrival as a step in accepting your housing booking. If you need to make any changes, the notification period for changes of your contract length is two full calendar months with a set deadline each month.

Read through your contract

At the time of booking, you receive an email with instructions and a digital contract attached. Read both email and contract carefully, ensure you understand everything and ask us if something needs clarification. The contract is legally binding and it is your responsibility as a tenant to adhere to the terms and conditions after signing. You can find your housing address and the lease period (start and end date) in the contract. Before you can move into your accommodation, you must first visit KTH Entré to collect the keys and a hard-copy of your contract.

End dates and deadlines

All contracts starting August 2023 are booked to end mid-January (one semester) or 30 June (two semesters). Contracts starting August 2024 are booked to 9 January (one semester) or 30 June 2025 (two semesters). If you wish to change the end date of your contract to a given date, submit the request through the form further down on this page. You must submit it before midnight (local time) on the notification deadline date. Also, make sure to return your keys  before 9.00 AM on the morning following your contract end date, or late fees will apply.

End your contract early

If you want to terminate the contract before the original ending date, you must request this by submitting the form below at least two full calendar months before the date you want to end the contract. For example, if you want to end your contract on 31 May, you must submit your request by 31 March.

Contracts can only be ended to the last day of a month, with the exception of January when it ends at the end of term and in June, when it can end June 15th or 30th. Below is a list of possible contract end dates and the corresponding deadline for submitting the request.

Contract end date 2023/2024

Deadline for notfication (submitting request form)

31 Maj 2024 31 March 2024
15 June 2024

30 April 2024

30 juni 2024 (default end date) 30 April 2024
31 juli 2024 31 Maj 2024

Contract end date 2024/2025

Deadline for notfication (submitting request form)

30 September 2024 31 july 2024
31 October 2024 31 August 2024
30 November 2024 30 September 2024
31 December 2024

31 October 2024

9 January 2025 (default end date, 1 semester stay) 9 November 2024
28 February 2025

31 December 2024

Extend your contract

If you would like to extend your contract, e-mail  to see if it's possible at least two full calendar months before your contract end date. Note that accommodation cannot be held for more than one academic year.

Contract change form

Use the form to request a change of the end date of your contract. You need to be logged in to your KTH account to see the form.