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Conditions for KTH Accommodation

Before applying for housing through KTH Accommodation, check out the conditions that apply.

Who is guaranteed accommodation?

Due to the lack of housing in Stockholm, we cannot guarantee accommodation for all students. Find out what applies to your student group under eligibility and application .

Possibility of choosing your accommodation

Fee-paying students and joint masters students can request location and type of accommodation in the application. Since we have a limited number of apartments, we cannot guarantee that you will receive the location and type of accommodation you have requested in your application. Your chances of getting one of your preferences are the same no matter when in May you apply since allocations will start from 1 June. In the application, Exchange students are also required to list their preferences but with limited options to chose from.

Replying to your offer

Once we have allocated accommodation to all applicants, we will send you an accommodation offer. You can accept or reject the offer, but no new offer will be made. You have a limited number of days to accept.

Bringing a spouse or family

The number of apartments suitable for families are limited. Therefore, we can only guarantee accommodation for the admitted student. If you plan to bring your spouse and/or children, state this in your application, and we will try to find suitable accommodation in one of our locations.

If you are only coming with spouse, it is likely that we can assist housing but the offer you receive may not reflect your selected preference in location and type of housing.

Pets are not allowed in the apartments. In case you have medical needs that require an assistance dog you will need to contact KTH Accommodation via email at the time of your application.

Pre-existing medical condition

If you have any pre-existing medical condition that affects your housing needs, please mention this when filling in the application for housing.

We will try to allocate you in a suitable accommodation, depending on vacancies.

Contract duration

KTH Accommodation offers housing for the first year of studies and for up to 24 months, depending on start date or the duration of the exchange studies (one or two semesters) - duration depends on student group. If you are planning to stay longer, you will need to organise further accommodation on your own . We strongly recommend signing up for the Stockholm Student Housing Foundation (SSSB) housing queue as soon as possible. The longer time spent in the queue, the higher the chance of finding housing after your KTH Accommodation contract expires.

All contracts for academic year 2024/2025 starts 1 August 2024. Read more and plan your arrival  to ensure you can move in without delay. Contracts for one semester with start in August 2024 ends in mid-january (January 9th), near the end of semester. In June the standard end date is 30 June.


Rent is paid monthly in advance and is a condition for keeping the contract. Read more on how to pay at How to pay the rent .


Subletting is strictly forbidden and can lead to the termination of the contract.