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Moving out

When moving out of your accommodation you must clean it thoroughly, so that it is ready for a new tenant to move in. You can drop your keys off on campus when you have moved out. Also, don't forget to cancel your internet subscription with your provider if internet is not included in your location.

Leaving the apartment

As a tenant you are responsible for thoroughly cleaning the accommodation when moving out. Follow the checklist carefully when cleaning. Inspections are done and if the cleaning is deemed insufficient the tenants are charged the associated costs. Do not turn off heating, ventilation, fridge, freezer or other electricity system.

Cleaning checklist

You need the following cleaning supplies

  • Dishcloths + sponge
  • Floor soap + all-purpose detergent
  • Toilet brush
  • Broom & dustpan/vacuum cleaner
  • Vacuum cleaner bags
  • Paper towels
  • Dishwashing/cleaning gloves

Checklist as PDF

Cleaning checklist (pdf 638 kB)


  1. Scrub the bathroom sink clean and clean the pipe underneath the sink. Wash the tiles above the sink.
  2. Clean the bathroom cabinet: inside, on top and the mirror.
  3. Clean the shower floor drain and scrub all the wall tiles, especially in the shower corner. How to clean shower floor drain (Youtube)
  4. Clean the toilet inside (with a brush), outside and around it (with a cloth). Let some cleaning fluid soak in the toilet, then flush.
  5. Vacuum or swipe the floors and wipe with a damp mop.


  1. Clean the kitchen sink and all the tiles and walls of the kitchen.
  2. Clean the stove and scrub away burnt food.
  3. Clean the cupboards inside, the doors and the handles.
  4. Clean the kitchen fan and kitchen ventilator. Remove the filter and clean it separately in hot water and washing up liquid.
  5. Clean the oven by soaking it with a soap solution (“Grönsåpa”) and let it sit at 50 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes. Afterwards scrub away old food carefully with steel wool (“Svinto stålull”). If you have a micro oven clean it with a wet cloth inside and outside.
  6. Clean behind the stove but be careful when pulling it out.
  7. Vacuum the floors and wipe them with a damp mop afterwards.
  8. Make sure no food is left in the kitchen, as this may attract vermin. And do not switch off the refrigerator or freezer when you move out!


  1. Clean all surfaces carefully with a damp cloth. Use the rough side of a sponge for stains.
  2. Wipe off the dust from the window skirting boards and the electrical sockets.
  3. Vacuum the floors and wipe them with a damp mop afterwards.
  4. Painted surfaces such as window frames should be washed clean with a wet cloth.
  5. Clean the shelves in the closets and the doors of the closet.
  6. Clean the doors, including the top edges.

Key drop-off

Red key box, Drottning Kristinas väg 6, where keys should be dropped off

You must return your keys before 9.00 AM on the morning following your contract end date. If we have not received the keys by then, you will be charged a delay fee and the cost for a lock change of the apartment/room. Return the keys in the following way:

  1. Put all keys that belong to your accommodation (for example post box key, room key) in an envelope, seal it and write your complete name, along with the accommodation address. Seal the envelope properly, otherwise the keys may fall out and we won't know who returned them.
  2. Go to Drottning Kristinas väg 6 on the main campus, there you will find a red mailbox marked "Key box - KTH Accommodation". Drop the sealed envelope into the box.

Updating your address and registration

If you are moving somewhere else in Sweden

If you are moving to another address in Sweden, remember to register the move at Skatteverket , to receive your mail to the correct address.

If you are moving to an address outside of Sweden

Register to Skatteverket, the Swedish Tax Office, that you no longer reside in Sweden. Use their form "Notification, Moving abroad". Find more information on their webpage Skatteverket - Moving from Sweden .