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FAQs: Your Essential Guide to Starting at KTH

Hej buddies, Sai here! Are you excited about your journey to KTH? I know that preparing for university life, especially in a new country, can bring a lot of questions. I’ve recently connected with many of you as a part of the “Connect with a KTH student” project, and the queries asked during the sessions … Continue reading “FAQs: Your Essential Guide to Starting at KTH”

KTH Accommodation Guide- Teknikringen, Täby, Lappkärrsberget, and Malvinas väg

Introduction Hey everyone! If you’re thinking about where to live while studying at KTH, you’re in the right place. I’m Sai, and I’ve put together a one-stop student-friendly guide to help you figure out the best spot to call home during your studies. We’ll look at different KTH housing options, from the lively Teknikringen right … Continue reading “KTH Accommodation Guide- Teknikringen, Täby, Lappkärrsberget, and Malvinas väg”

My Swedish Learning Journey: A1 Passed!

Before arriving in Sweden, I was aware that most Swedes could speak English, yet I was intimidated by the fact that everything from signboards to grocery store names and public transport information was in Swedish. As someone already fluent in three languages, the prospect of learning Swedish seemed like an intriguing and useful skill, especially … Continue reading “My Swedish Learning Journey: A1 Passed!”

Cost of Living as a Student at KTH: Srikar’s Edition

Hello everyone! I can sense the excitement about your application results, and I hope you’re all set with your supporting documents. Remember, the deadline for document submission and application fee payment is fast approaching on February 1. I understand that many of you may have questions about life in Sweden, as I did when I … Continue reading “Cost of Living as a Student at KTH: Srikar’s Edition”

Top Winter Activities for KTH Students

Did you know that last week Sweden witnessed the coldest January in 25 years with temperatures reaching minus 43 degrees Celsius in some regions. In just a week since the coldest day, temperatures have already climbed into the positive range, unveiling a stunning transformation with beautiful, sunlit days gracing the cityscape. While Swedish winters are … Continue reading “Top Winter Activities for KTH Students”

10 Days to Application Deadline – Some Tips!

Hej hej! future students of KTH! Wishing you a “Gott Nytt År”, which means “Happy New Year” in Swedish. As the application deadline of January 15th draws near, and with the document submission deadline on February 1st, I understand the mix of excitement and nerves you must be feeling. While there’s still time to refine … Continue reading “10 Days to Application Deadline – Some Tips!”