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My Swedish Learning Journey: A1 Passed!

Before arriving in Sweden, I was aware that most Swedes could speak English, yet I was intimidated by the fact that everything from signboards to grocery store names and public transport information was in Swedish. As someone already fluent in three languages, the prospect of learning Swedish seemed like an intriguing and useful skill, especially since understanding and speaking the local language is always advantageous. I’m proud to share that I’ve recently achieved a milestone in this journey, having successfully completed the CEFR A1 level course in Swedish!

The Swedish Course at KTH

KTH offers several courses where you can learn Swedish. As a fee-paying international student, I was eligible to enroll to the non-credit bearing “Introductory course: Swedish language and culture“, which gives the option to choose one or both of the following two tracks: Swedish language and Swedish culture.

A lecture hall with a few students settling in
The F1 lecture hall is one of my favourites! This is where the Swedish course took place

The Swedish language course, which I took, focuses on practical skills for everyday situations in Swedish, like shopping at the supermarket and self-introduction. It also provides foundational understanding of Swedish grammar and pronunciation. Upon completion, students are expected to achieve level A1 proficiency in Swedish as per the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) scale.

A screenshot of a certificate saying "Sai has attended and passed a non credit Swedish course for beginners, level A1"
Yayy! I’ve passed the A1 level Swedish course

Apart from the non-credit bearing courses, KTH offers credit bearing courses, all the way from A1 to B2/C1 level. These courses are tailored to incorporate themes and vocabulary that suit engineering students.

Swedish for Immigrants

If you’re unable to participate in the courses offered by KTH, you can always learn Swedish for free at SFI (Swedish for Immigrants), which offers essential Swedish language learning for anyone over 16 with a Swedish personal identity number, providing legal entitlement to free education and the choice of school.

A digital screen showing the text
Onsdag 20 september

Grupp 5

Avboka Passer?
Can you tell what this laundry booking screen is saying? (Hint: ‘Ja‘ means ‘yes‘)

My Journey Ahead

Although I’ve grasped some fundamental Swedish words from the A1 level course, I realize there’s a significant journey ahead to achieve mastery. I’ve recently enrolled in a ‘Swedish for Advanced Beginners‘ course at KTH and am excited to share my progress with you. If you’re considering to study at KTH, I highly recommend starting your language learning journey beforehand. The advantage of modern technology is the abundance of apps available to help build a basic vocabulary. Wishing you the best in your Swedish language adventure!

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