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A Journey Begins: My First Week as a Master’s Thesis Student in Sweden

Hej everyone! Welcome to this post 🙂 The time has finally come, and if I’m honest, I have been terribly nervous about starting my master thesis. Hailing from North America, where I did not have to write a thesis in my bachelor’s, means that my first time writing such a huge report comes during my master thesis. Luckily, in my program, I have written several scientific reports, but this is the first time I have had to do it on my own. The idea sounds daunting, but my first week was surprisingly good.

For those of you who do not know, I am writing my thesis at a Swedish bank on the topic of social investments, analyzing the respective role of philanthropy, loans, and bonds in financing social investments to progress sustainable development.

The journey started with time planning, a crucial step that made me realize just how much work a thesis demands. With a goal to complete my thesis by June, I meticulously planned every day until my due date. And where better to do this than at a cute café in the heart of Stockholm?

A study sandwich is absolutely essential!

Then came my first day at the office, and the walk was nothing short of beautiful. My office is conveniently located in the center of Stockholm, a mere 13 minutes from my home by bus.

These are some of my favourite buildings in the city! They’re just so pretty!

Writing a master thesis is akin to a job, so when I go into the office, I have to blend in with the rest of the team and follow the dress code. Here’s a glimpse of my first-day look, a subtle acknowledgment of this new professional chapter in my academic journey.

An example of business attire in a Swedish office!

One notable aspect of starting my thesis at a company is the provision of a work laptop and phone. Confidentiality is paramount when dealing with company data, and having separate devices ensures that personal and work-related information remain appropriately segregated. I appreciate this arrangement as it helps maintain a healthy balance between my personal and professional life.

Getting settled with my computer and work phone, I dived into the first tasks at hand. My initial meeting with my thesis supervisor was enlightening, focusing on some aspects of my main method – a survey. It’s fascinating to see how theory aligns with practice, and I felt a sense of purpose as I began to delve into the process.

The journey ahead seems challenging, but the first week has laid a solid foundation. As I navigate through the intricacies of social investments and sustainable development, I’m excited about the knowledge I will gain and the impact my thesis may have. With a clear plan, a supportive environment, and a touch of Stockholm charm, my master thesis adventure is off to an encouraging start. Stay tuned for more updates on this academic journey and the insights into how I got my thesis position, supervisor, etc…

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See you next week!


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