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Stockholm is frozen!

Hello everybody and welcome to today’s post! Today, I wanted to share with you some pictures of Stockholm in these days. It has been pretty cold lately, and the city looked enchanted below a layer of snow and ice!

The frozen Riddarfjärden in all its beauty!

This winter has been the coldest of the last 25 years in Sweden, even leading to temperatures of the order of -20°C for a couple of days. This led to the complete freezing of Riddafjärden, the body of water that surrounds the old city centre of Stockholm. Stockholmers had the chance to walk on the frozen lake and admire Gamla Stan “from the water”!

An unusual view of Gamla Stan

It was also pretty cool to see the City Hall from water. I love to look at the lake from the City Hall, but now I’ve also had the chance to do the opposite! Many people were skating or skiing on the lake, and plenty of children had fun playing on ice.

The City Hall as seen from the middle of Riddafjärden

We even observed a boat passing through the lake (at a safe distance), something truly unique and hard to experience in other European cities!

Picture of a boat parked in the frozen water
Hello hello mister boat!

Needless to say, only walk on ice if you know what you are doing and respect all the advised safety measures.

So, what do you think about this? As we discussed multiple times on the blog, the Swedish Winter can provide lots of unique moments and experiences, and be an endless source of Instagram posts for your feed!

This is all for today, I hoped you liked this “lighter” post. Sai recently discussed the cost of life in Stockholm as a student, so you may want to go check it out! Also, don’t forget to check Sam’s last post on things you should become familiar with after having submitted your application. I’m sure you’ll find it super useful!

See you next week!

// Lorenzo