Swimming all around Stockholm

There are many things I love about Stockholm, and one being in the top of my list is certainly the access to water virtually everywhere I go. Stockholm is an archipelago made up of 14 islands (!!!) so it’s pretty easy to find a place where to go swimming. The water is sea water, but … Continue reading “Swimming all around Stockholm”

Living in a garden -Kungshamra

If you want the experience the same social vibe of Lappis but still stay in a less noisy locality with gardens and lakes around, then Kungshamra is the place for you. The model of Kungshamra is quite similar to that of Lappis, with a communal kitchen and private rooms and bathrooms. However, it is much … Continue reading “Living in a garden -Kungshamra”

Living in KTH – Teknikringen

Last week, we got to visit Lappis and Skrapan. This week we explore accommodation which is right on the campus of KTH – Teknikringen. You could see these high structures from most part of the campus. If you are the one who wakes up and races in just minutes before the classes start on a … Continue reading “Living in KTH – Teknikringen”

3 steps to make your accommodation mysigt

One of the things I learned by moving in a student accommodation is that the way you decorate your room and apartment really impacts your mood when you spend time there. Mysa is a Swedish concept roughly meaning making something cozy, comfortable, and that’s exactly what you want to do with your student accommodation. Indeed, … Continue reading “3 steps to make your accommodation mysigt”

Skrapan – Living in the Centre of Stockholm

In my last weeks’ post, we travelled through life at Lappis. This week, we explore other student accommodation – Skrapan. If you are the one who isn’t comfortable sharing your kitchen with 10 other people or doesn’t want a party place like Lappis but still wants to be in the centre of Stockholm, then Skrapan … Continue reading “Skrapan – Living in the Centre of Stockholm”

Isolation activity idea: Have a Zoom painting party!

My friends and I made many plans for spring and summer, but the pandemic cut our ambitious short. One thing we wanted to start doing is painting all together, following a tutorial by Bob Ross. If you don’t know who this is, I strongly suggest watching one of his youtube videos (don’t be fooled, he … Continue reading “Isolation activity idea: Have a Zoom painting party!”