Time Optimised Grocery Shopping in Stockholm

As students, we are exhausted trying to find a balance between studies, travelling, hobbies, everyday errands, parties and relationships. Its seems like we barely find time to rest and do nothing. The past few weeks of this study period have been about making to-do lists for the coming days and working the tails off in … Continue reading “Time Optimised Grocery Shopping in Stockholm”

SCI Sustainability Week recap

This week was the last week of promotion for sustainability, focusing on the School of Engineering Sciences. As the previous week, videos featuring professors and students involved in different sustainability projects in the school were promoted on the KTH Facebook and Instagram pages. To have a student perspective on the everyday life in SCI school … Continue reading “SCI Sustainability Week recap”

KTH India Day with Flavours

“Bollywood Dance and Food!”. Is this the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word India? Yes, Of course, and we are proud of our food and entertainment industry. But here is a group of students from KTH who are showing Sweden that India is much more than spicy food and … Continue reading “KTH India Day with Flavours”

KTH Scholarship applications are on!

For me, the first of December is the day when I allow myself to drown in Christmas music and start going to Christmas markets, but for international applicants, it is the start of the application period for the KTH Scholarship! This scholarship is offered to 30 international (fee-paying) students (you can look if you are … Continue reading “KTH Scholarship applications are on!”

ITM Sustainability Week recap

On all KTH platforms, this week was focused on the sustainability initiatives of the School of Industrial Engineering and Management. You can have a look at the different videos on Facebook and Instagram that my colleagues and I prepared to exhibit research and student-lead initiatives related to sustainability. As per usual, I wanted to have … Continue reading “ITM Sustainability Week recap”