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Stadion: the historic Olympic stadium in KTH’s backyard

When I moved to Stockholm as a new student, one of the first things I did was explore the area around me. Living in Teknikringen student accommodation, I didn’t have to wander far to stumble upon historic parts of the city… Stockholms stadion (or as most of us call it, just Stadion), is a stadium … Continue reading “Stadion: the historic Olympic stadium in KTH’s backyard”

What to pack for Sweden: do’s and don’ts

If you’re about to join KTH for the upcoming semester, this post might be just in time for you. As we will talk about something that brings a lot of stress to everybody who is moving to a new country for a long time, packing your stuff. Don’t panic! I’ve been there, too. So in … Continue reading “What to pack for Sweden: do’s and don’ts”

My mental health care routine

As societies keep on facing new challenges, more people worldwide rethink their ways of approaching mental health. While some countries still tend to stigmatize mental health issues, Sweden is an excellent example of effectively tackling them with awareness, effective instruments and continuous support for everybody, including international students.  I firmly believe that mental health is … Continue reading “My mental health care routine”

Five things Swedes do

I’ve loved studying a 2-year master’s programme because I’ve had a lot of time to observe Swedish daily life. If there’s one thing I understand, it’s that there are many norms and unspoken rules in Swedish culture. Nonconformity can be a signal that you aren’t a local — which is totally fine, you don’t need … Continue reading “Five things Swedes do”


Students from around Stockholm and beyond came together last weekend for Northern Europe’s largest annual student event – Squvalp!  Squvalp is a weekend-long rafting event organised by the Quarnevalen team. Every year they put together huge events for students. Some years this takes the form of a carnival through the city, but this year the … Continue reading “Squvalp! “

Perks of being a THS member: Rent the sauna at Nymble

Over the weekend, many students were busy celebrating the spring holiday Valborg in university cities across Sweden.  With work on my degree project getting more intense, I needed a more lowkey Friday night to relax and recharge. So, some friends and I rented out the beautiful sauna located in Nymble, the KTH student union building.  … Continue reading “Perks of being a THS member: Rent the sauna at Nymble”