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My Swedish Learning Journey: A1 Passed!

Before arriving in Sweden, I was aware that most Swedes could speak English, yet I was intimidated by the fact that everything from signboards to grocery store names and public transport information was in Swedish. As someone already fluent in three languages, the prospect of learning Swedish seemed like an intriguing and useful skill, especially … Continue reading “My Swedish Learning Journey: A1 Passed!”

Top Winter Activities for KTH Students

Did you know that last week Sweden witnessed the coldest January in 25 years with temperatures reaching minus 43 degrees Celsius in some regions. In just a week since the coldest day, temperatures have already climbed into the positive range, unveiling a stunning transformation with beautiful, sunlit days gracing the cityscape. While Swedish winters are … Continue reading “Top Winter Activities for KTH Students”

An Indian Student’s Perspective of the Swedish Winter

As a student hailing from the vibrant warmth of India, my first encounter with the Swedish winter was like stepping into a mesmerizing, yet challenging, wonderland. The Swedish winter is a tale of two worlds: the beauty that lies in its ethereal landscapes and the adjustments one needs to make to thrive in its chilly … Continue reading “An Indian Student’s Perspective of the Swedish Winter”

My Application Timeline: Insights from Sai’s Journey

Is the thought of applying to your dream master’s programme at KTH making you feel anxious or lost? You’re not alone—those same feelings once overwhelmed me too. The application process can be daunting for prospective students, leaving you wondering if you’ve already fallen behind or if you’re in need of a reliable roadmap. If any … Continue reading “My Application Timeline: Insights from Sai’s Journey”