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Top Winter Activities for KTH Students

Did you know that last week Sweden witnessed the coldest January in 25 years with temperatures reaching minus 43 degrees Celsius in some regions. In just a week since the coldest day, temperatures have already climbed into the positive range, unveiling a stunning transformation with beautiful, sunlit days gracing the cityscape. While Swedish winters are … Continue reading “Top Winter Activities for KTH Students”

My First Christmas in Sweden!

Hello everyone and God Jul! As an international student from India, celebrating my first Christmas in Sweden was an experience filled with wonder, warmth, and new traditions. This is how I spent my time during the holiday season. Feeling the festive spirit December in Sweden is akin to being transported into a whimsical storybook setting. … Continue reading “My First Christmas in Sweden!”

Skiing Weekend in Åre

You may have seen a post I shared a few weeks ago about the KTH Outdoor Club and the different events they do. Well, last weekend I was lucky enough to get back out with this group to go on a weekend skiing trip. There are some great Swedish wintertime experiences that I could never … Continue readingSkiing Weekend in Åre

Perks of Blended Learning

Like the rest of the world, Sweden has also been adjusting its restrictions and recommendations in response to the status of the pandemic. A very similar situation occurred last year at this time, and I remember wondering how it would impact my studies and student experience.  Over the Spring 2021 semester, blended learning (when courses … Continue reading “Perks of Blended Learning”