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Skiing Weekend in Åre

You may have seen a post I shared a few weeks ago about the KTH Outdoor Club and the different events they do. Well, last weekend I was lucky enough to get back out with this group to go on a weekend skiing trip. There are some great Swedish wintertime experiences that I could never … Continue readingSkiing Weekend in Åre

Sport in the Wintertime

How can you stay active during the cold months? The wintertime is cold in Stockholm, there’s no doubt about it. Sometimes it can be tempting to make a hot cup of tea and stay wrapped up in bed for three months hibernation-style until the Spring comes back around. Luckily, Stockholmers are well used to the … Continue reading “Sport in the Wintertime”

Winter runs are so much fun

It was a Christmas miracle… well not really. But Stockholm received its first snowfall on the day of Christmas. So it’s up to you to decide if it was a miracle or not. And since then Stockholm has been painted in white snow and the skyline painted with orange rays of the early falling sun. … Continue reading “Winter runs are so much fun”

The Ski Week

Why stay in cold and humid Stockholm when you can be in colder and snowier Åre? As a student in Sweden you are entitle to enjoy one of the best events in the Nordics, Ski week! I had the opportunity to assist to this amazing experience with a couple of friends where we enjoyed “riding” … Continue reading “The Ski Week”