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Sport in the Wintertime

How can you stay active during the cold months? The wintertime is cold in Stockholm, there’s no doubt about it. Sometimes it can be tempting to make a hot cup of tea and stay wrapped up in bed for three months hibernation-style until the Spring comes back around. Luckily, Stockholmers are well used to the … Continue reading “Sport in the Wintertime”

Christmas time in Stockholm

Stockholm is well-known to be a beautiful city to live in. It has incredible architecture, easy access to nature wherever you go, and even the subway is a piece of art that surely deserves a separate post. However, one time in the year seems to suit this fantastic city more than anything, and it’s Christmas … Continue reading “Christmas time in Stockholm”

My Winter Favourites

Just as Stockholm gets a real summer; with long, hot, sunny days, swimming in the sea, barbeques and boat parties – It also gets a real proper winter; snow, freezing cold and long dark nights. As Claire and Valerie have been shaping up for the wintertime in the last few weeks, I thought I might … Continue reading “My Winter Favourites”

Winter was here…

Today marks the end of another long cold winter and the beginning of colourful spring. The temperatures are going to be warm again and the ground lot greener. And of course, the snow would be missed. Winter painted the landscape around us in white resembling a beautiful, happy bride. Snow skates and sledges were the … Continue reading “Winter was here…”

Preparing for Winters in Stockholm: Winter Clothing

Coming from a temperate climate where the average temperature all round the year was 28°C, the lovely orange shade Autumn was followed by a chilly winter which I wasn’t “mentally” prepared for. The snowy season was indeed beautiful…yet the early darkness and chilly winds were a mild unexpected shocker. The temperature varies from -20°C to … Continue reading “Preparing for Winters in Stockholm: Winter Clothing”

A Walk to Remember….

Hi there! Good morning! This is such an early morning post. I don’t remember if I have written one this early in the day. Well well, this is not about the movie “A walk to remember”, this is indeed a walk to remember. And, yes, I love that movie, do you? Today, I kinda woke … Continue reading “A Walk to Remember….”