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Sport in the Wintertime

How can you stay active during the cold months?

The wintertime is cold in Stockholm, there’s no doubt about it. Sometimes it can be tempting to make a hot cup of tea and stay wrapped up in bed for three months hibernation-style until the Spring comes back around. Luckily, Stockholmers are well used to the cold weather, so the city is just as alive in the winter as it is in summertime. There are lots of ways of getting some exercise and keeping fit in the city, even if it is minus-something degrees outside.

Ice skating on a frozen lake in Stockholm

Embrace the Chill

Sweden’s climate is a new experience for a lot of students. One of the best novelties of living in the North is ice skating on frozen lakes. It’s easy enough to find cheap second-hand skates online and go with some friends out onto the ice. There are places all over Stockholm to skate: on lakes, or at parks and football pitches, which are transformed into public ice-rinks for the winter. Skiing is also something you have to try when you come to Sweden. You can rent gear and cross-country ski in parks around the city but THS, the student union, also hosts some skiing trips up North every year. 

Staying Indoors

The gym culture is alive and well in Stockholm. Almost everyone I know has a gym subscription (whether they use it or not). There are also lots of climbing gyms and swimming pools all around the city, and some that are very close to the main campus. KTH has its own campus gym too, with discounts for students.

KTH gym interior

KTH Clubs

Since coming to Stockholm I’ve had great chances to do lots of climbing, hiking and innebandy (a Swedish sport that is like an intense version of indoor hockey). KTH has lots of great sports clubs to keep you sweaty during the winter months time, whether it’s racketclub, hockey, basketball, American football, swimming.. the list goes on! When I came to KTH it was the Outdoor Club that kept me fit and healthy with all the hikes and adventures, but you can always find something to suit you.

You can check out more info on the different clubs around KTH on the THS website:

~ Declan