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Application Questions? Ask during tomorrow’s final live chat session

Finalize your application

I hope the application process has been going smoothly for those applying! By now you should have submitted your application to University Admissions, the Swedish national application system. But don’t forget there are a few more steps to finalize your application. By February 1, 2022, be sure to:

Lingering Questions? Join the KTH live chat tomorrow

What: An opportunity to ask questions about the application process and general admission requirements — and receive answers in real time.

When: January 27, 16:00-18:00 CET

Where: On the KTH website! The chat icon will appear when the chat is live.

Who: KTH Admissions office and Student Services will be answering your questions on the chat

If the time doesn’t work for you, there are still other ways to ask about master’s studies at KTH, such as contacting the Admissions office or programme-specific student ambassadors.

One last tip:  

Don’t wait until the last minute to submit your documents on University Admissions. There’s still plenty of time before February 1, so to avoid unnecessary stress and the risk of technological glitches, finalize your application as much before the official deadline as possible. Good luck!

// Claire