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Exploring Stockholm’s Kulturnatt: A Night of Culture and Discovery

Hej everyone, welcome to this post! In this post, I will talk about one of the best events that happens once a year in the city. Stockholm’s Kulturnatt, or Culture Night, is my favourite event of the year that invites people in the City of Stockholm to immerse themselves in the rich landscape of arts and culture that the city has to offer, free of charge. This year, on the 20th of April, from 6 PM to midnight, the city transformed into a vibrant cultural hub and it was fantastic!

My Kulturnatt Experience

This Kulturnatt, I visited 2 places, Carl Eldh’s House and Moderna museet.

Carl Eldh’s Ateljémuseum

My first stop was at the Carl Eldh’s Ateljémuseum. Hidden in Bellevue Park, this museum houses the works of Carl Eldh, one of Sweden’s most prolific sculptors. The intimate setting of his actual studio, preserved in time, offered a unique glimpse into the artist’s life and creative process. The sculptures, ranging from delicate, expressive busts to monumental public works, spoke volumes of his mastery and the emotive power of bronze and stone. I personally appreciated the sections of the museum that showed how these casts were turned into bronze sculptures and further being able to learn about the different materials used in such castings.

Sculptures in a studio
A look at the inside of Carl Eldh’s studio. Pictured are the casts he used for his bronze sculptures, many of which you can see around Stockholm!

Moderna Museet and the Silent Disco

Next, I ventured to the Moderna Museet. Known for its rich collection of modern and contemporary art, the museum was alive with energy and creativity. As an art lover, the collection is seriously impressive, so going to Moderna never disappoints me.

The highlight of the evening was the silent disco, where I joined dozens of others dancing in headphones with access to several channels with different genres of music. It was my first time ever trying a silent disco out and I absolutely loved it.

Horses in a wall
A shot captured from the newest exhibition at Moderna. This was by far my most favourite I’ve seen since moving to Stockholm. The theme of the exhibition is power.
man dancing at a silent disco on a terrace
An image captured during the silent disco on Moderna’s terrace.

KTH x Kulturnatt

With the entire city taking part in arts and culture, KTH was, of course, taking part in the event with KTH’s Reaktorhall being open to the public! Though I did not visit Reaktorhall this Kulturnatt, I thought I would include a photo from the time I attended a performance art event to give you an idea of how the space is used for experimental art. Definitely worth checking out next Kulturnatt!

Women performing on the stairs of Reaktorhall.
Women performing on the stairs of Reaktorhall.

A Night to Remember

Kulturnatt Stockholm is more than just an event; it’s a celebration of accessibility, creativity, and community. Each venue, from historical museums to modern art galleries and universities, opened not only their doors but also new perspectives on what culture can mean in a modern world.

For more details on Kulturnatt, check out the official Kulturnatt Stockholm website and to get a perspective on how other digital ambassadors spent their Kulturnatt, check out this reel on the KTH instagram here.

Thanks for tuning into this post!

// Sam

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